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OWAA welcomes outdoor-focused groups, agencies, and businesses that wish to connect with almost 800 of the top outdoor communicators–who reach millions of outdoor enthusiasts through their work–to increase product and service exposure and sales with the broader outdoor industry.

Currently, OWAA has close to 200 supporting groups. Included are icons such as L.L. Bean Inc., National Shooting Sports Foundation and the American Sportfishing Association.

Criteria for joining

OWAA welcomes all groups, agencies and businesses wishing to affiliate with the organization. Supporting group affiliation is designed to provide access to members of the outdoor media for promotion of products, services, agencies, organizations or businesses.

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Annual Dues

Annual dues for Supporting Groups are $375, and are due the first Friday in January each year. For supporters who join mid-year, dues will be prorated for your second year of membership.

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Benefits of Supporting Group Affiliation

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