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Individual Members and Supporting Groups who did not renew their association with OWAA within the past 5 years may reinstate their membership, instead of reapplying as a new member or supporter. If you are unsure when you were last a member or supporter, please contact membership[at]


Individual members or supporter need only to renew their dues in full for the current year. If a reinstatement occurs mid-year, dues will be prorated for the second year.

There is currently no reinstatement fee. Reinstatements are processed on the 5th and 20th of each month and welcome packets will be mailed within 1 week after the reinstatement is processed. Newly reinstated members and supporters will be published in the association update in Outdoors Unlimited® and on the Members-Area of the website.

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Individual members and supporting groups who have not been affiliated with OWAA for more than 5 years will need to reapply by filling out a new application and going through the full application process.

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Benefits of Joining OWAA:

For more information on the benefits of joining OWAA, see:

Still have questions? Check out our Joining FAQ’s or contact us.

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