A monthly magazine, Fur-Fish-Game is dedicated to serious outdoorsmen of all ages. They purchase around 150 freelance manuscripts a year. General topics include hunting, trapping, freshwater fishing, predator calling, camping, boating, wood crafting and conservation. They prefer “how-to” articles that have a specific slant or theme, typically focused on how to hunt, trap or fish for a species that is popular with everyday outdoorsmen. Other recommended topics include: Hunting dogs, living off the land, and do-it-yourself outdoor projects. Fur-Fish-Game looks for real-life tales of wilderness and adventure. Stories of historic or nostalgic value are also considered, as are unique personal experiences. They do not publish “where-to” articles and no book, video or product reviews. No fiction, but they consider fictionalized pieces based on real experiences. Features run between 2,000 and 3,000 words. Shorter how-to, humor and human interest articles are also wanted. It is strongly recommended that writers familiarize themselves with the magazine and query story ideas before they begin writing anything intended for Fur-Fish-Game. Unsolicited manuscripts may be rejected unread. Queries need to be more than just topics; they should explain the specific slant or treatment that sets the story idea apart. All manuscripts are submitted on a speculation-only basis, unless otherwise agreed, and should be typed and double spaced. The author’s name and address should be the header and all subsequent pages need to be numbered. If you can enclose a CD with digital text file, please do so. But always enclose a printed paper copy of the manuscript. Do not submit a CD alone without paper copy of manuscript, cover letter, etc. If you want anything returned, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope of sufficient size and postage. E-mail manuscript submissions may be accepted, but only if the story idea has been queried and approved by the editor.
Solid photo support enhances the value of a manuscript. Digital photos, prints or slides should be submitted along with the manuscript, and all are purchased as a package. Fur-Fish-Game prefers high-resolution digital images, color slides, black and white or color prints sized 5- by 7-inches or larger. A variety of photos is preferred, especially close-up shots that illustrate a specific aspect of the story, and also overall shots that set the scene. Please limit photo support to no more than a dozen images. Hand drawings may help to illustrate aspects that cannot by adequately shown photographically. These illustrations may be redone by our staff artist. All photos and artwork should be accompanied by caption information and the name of the photographer or artist. If you prefer to submit manuscripts via e-mail, we suggest putting the story text in the body of the e-mail and also attaching it as a separate file, in Word or another common format. Images must be at least 1,300 pixels wide, whether saved to a CD or attached to an e-mail. E-mail submissions cannot exceed 10 megabytes. They also accept stock photos.
Payment for feature length articles generally falls between $200 and $250, depending upon length, quality of photo support and importance to the magazine. Fur-Fish-Game pays more for a manuscript package of particular interest. Shorter articles generally pay less. Fur-Fish-Game buys one-time rights to photos and first North American serial rights to stories. They do not want stories that already have been published elsewhere, either in print or on a website. Payment is upon acceptance and bylines are given. All correspondence should be directed to Editor Mitch Cox, mitchcox@furfishgame.com.

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