Florida Sportsman

With a circulation of more than 95,000, the magazine emphasizes saltwater fishing, with added coverage of the state’s freshwater fishing and hunting. Additional material on Florida camping, diving, environmental topics and fishing adventures in the Bahamas, Caribbean and Latin America is accepted. History and fiction pieces are sometimes published, but need to be unusually interesting or entertaining to get a nod.
Features or 1,500 to 2,000 words lean heavily on “how-to” and “where-to,” written in a relaxed, anecdotal style in which first-person experience is used to illustrate information. A submission that makes the readers want to “go there and do that” stands the best chance of acceptance. A review of some past issues will illustrate the preferred writing style.
Short sidebars are often used to provide additional detail. Their word count should be included in the total.  Florida Sportsman Seminar how-to articles run from 500 to 800 words.
All manuscripts must be accompanied by high-resolution digital photos (at least 2 MB and saved as a JPEG, TIFF or RAW image). Don’t correct color, edit pictures or doctor images in any other way. A suitable selection for a fishing feature would include scenics of anglers fishing or fighting with fish, catch shots, and close-ups of the catch or lures and baits. Photos should emphasize action and movement, be correctly lighted and sharply focused. An indexed caption sheet must be included with accompanying photos. Vertical format cover photo submissions are also sought, and the magazine occasionally purchases images for supplemental inside use. Discuss with Art Director. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted.
Do not e-mail Florida Sportsman your manuscript or photos. For each assignment, send by conventional mail one complete package, with manuscript and all supporting photos on a single CD. Be sure to label the CD with your name and the title of the article. Manuscript must be in PC-compatible format, preferably Word for Windows document (.doc). In addition, a hard copy must be included, with pages numbered and text double-spaced. A cover letter containing the story’s key contacts and their telephone numbers is helpful.
Feature Articles: $500 for a full-length feature package that includes acceptable photography. FS Seminars: $200 for copy and photos.
Photographs:  cover, $750; spread, $250; full-page, $120; small, $60.
Feature payments are processed on the 15th of the month after acceptance. Cover and supplemental photos are paid on publication.
Send a written query to the editor before mailing a submission. A query letter or e-mail should provide details about the proposed article(s), describe photography that will accompany the manuscript, suggest the best time of year to publish it and provide a date when the package will be delivered to the editors. Sample photography (small-format JPEG) is encouraged. A go-ahead response from the editors does not constitute an assignment for which a kill fee will be paid in the event of rejection.
Contributor assumes all risk and liability for loss of or damage to editorial submissions, including but not limited to photographs, transparencies and electronic storage devices, incurred during regular publishing practices, including but not limited to scanning, handling and shipping.
Final acceptance and payment may be affected by style, photographic support, extent of editing necessary and timely completion. Author acts as an independent freelance contractor and warrants that submission is original, not previously published and not in violation of any laws. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed, payment covers all rights, including exclusive print, electronic or other use by the magazine or related entities involving first use and subsequent publication for one year thereafter.  The provider’s rights refer to the material as originally submitted. After one year both magazine and author share publishing rights to the material.
Contact: Editor Jeff Weakley, jeff@floridasportsman.com; Art Director Drew Wickstrom, drew@floridasportsman.com. Mail queries to: Florida Sportsman Magazine/FSCN, 2700 S. Kanner Hwy., Stuart, FL 34994. Phone: 772-219-7400, Fax: 772-219-6900.
[Editor’s note: OWAA strives to provide the most lucrative job and editorial-needs listings possible, including Outdoor Market listings that pay well and do not purchase all rights. However, in light of many members’ increased efforts to sell material, this listing is published with a cautionary note to members: Please make sure to read all the fine print of a contract before handing over your work for publication.]

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