February Association Update

Welcome New Members

  • Emmett Brown
  • Steven Budnik
  • Trevor Carruthers
  • Don Knaus
  • Kris Millgate
  • Emran Pishvai
  • Drew Rush
  • Toby L. Walrath
  • Jeff Welsch

Proposed New Member

  • Wells, Jason D., 583 Hilltop Drive, Staunton, VA 24401, (H) 540-836-0641, jasondavidwells@hotmail.com. “Currently I travel for work; I work 60-80 hours per week and am home only six to eight days a month. I love to hunt, fish, hike and camp. I just love being outdoors, but currently I don’t get out much.” He’s a student of the North American School of Outdoor Writing. Applying for Student Membership; sponsored by Roger Brunt.


  • Roger Beukema, 9338 Sherwood, Davisburg, MI 48350. (H) 248-625-8959, (W) 248-625-8959, dutchbeukema@comcast.net. Weekly columnist, Oakland Press.
  • Art Weber, 7410 Yawberg Road, Whitehouse, OH 43571. (H) 419-875-9819, aweber331@adelphia.net. Freelance outdoor writer, photographer and columnist. Specialties: wilderness topics, wildlife, nature/scenic photography, ecotravel. Book author. Director, National Center for Nature Photography.

Credentials Reviews

The following have successfully passed the review of their member credentials:

  • Brian Brinkerhoff
  • William L. Graves
  • Bob Rozinski
  • Rusty Tardo


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