Off the Record - Missoula Meet Up to Clean out Storage Unit

8/9/2021 to 8/14/2021 from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM ET

An event to clean out a storage unit? Well, some of OWAA's current leadership started talking about the storage unit that we still have in Missoula, Montana and how silly it is that we continue to pay rent on it each month. It's filled with some furniture from our old office space in Missoula, at least one antler chandelier (there's debate over whether it's real or plastic), lots of back issues of OU, various files and who knows what historical artifacts. On their own, people decided that they'd travel to Missoula (at the height of fly fishing season) to finally sort through it all. They they started talking with local members about getting together and perhaps having a BBQ, cookout or party (or three). So it seemed to make sense to just put it out there (as one of OWAA's 'Off the Record' local networking events) in case any other OWAA members either in the area or passing through might also want to pop by for a bit. So stay tuned here. We'll have more details to come!

  • Two past presidents and their spouses will stay at a local campground, roughly Aug. 9-14
  • The goal is to plow through the storage unit
  • Other locals, including another past president, have said they'll join the effort
  • Any OWAA member who’d like to be part of the “event” is welcome - just know that this is a volunteer effort
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