Hunt's Photo & Video Webinar - The Mirrorless Camera

6/30/2021 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM ET

This presentation on mirrorless digital cameras is designed to inform and educate people on the pros and cons of mirrorless cameras as well as clear up misconceptions that are commonly known about them. The program will touch on the following topics.

  • Mirrorless vs DSLR 
  • Lens options
  • Explanation of the electronic viewfinder
  • Adaptability of old lenses and different mounts  
  • Entry level and professional level options
  • In body stabilization and more!

Noah Buchanan from Hunt's will present. Buchanan is an Outside Sales Developer for Hunt's Photo and Video. He has been working with them since 2016. He loves building relationships with all of his customers and considers many of them close friends. Photography has been a passion of his for the past 10 years and he loves being able to talk about it with everyone! Noah's main interests in photography revolve around the landscape and unusual scenes in nature. Prior to working for Hunt's, Noah attended NESOP for 2 years studying photojournalism.

Note: all registrants will get an email 30 minutes before the start time that will include the Zoom link to log in. Also, as this webinar is presented by Hunt's, there will be no additional networking hour after the Q&A session that will follow the presentation.  

Registration for this event is closed.


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