OWAA Membership Meeting 2021

6/9/2021 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM ET

Join OWAA's Board of Directors, staff and members for a virtual membership meeting! We'll use this time to bring to you committee reports, a financial overview and other pertinent information for all engaged members. We'll also bid adieu to President Pat Wray and two board members and welcome three new board members and our new president, Christine Peterson. 

Zoom link and dial-in information will be:

  • Shared with all members via Wednesday's eNews email
  • Posted on the Members Only Facebook group on Wednesday
  • Emailed to those that registered 30 minutes before the presentation starts 

Membership Meeting Agenda
June 9, 2021

  1. Opening
    1. Welcome
    2. Overview
    3. Roll Call
    4. Certification of quorum (The quorum requirement is 25 Active and Life members, all of whom may vote)
    5. Approval of minutes from 2020 membership meeting -
    6. Introduction of officers
      1. 1st VP Christine Peterson
  2. Board Update
    1. Explanation of Kris Millgate’s situation 
      1. Reading of her message
      2. Introduction of her replacement - Katie McKalip
        1. 2nd VP voting tomorrow
        2. Secretary Tom Wharton
        3. Treasurer Colleen Miniuk
    2. Board members – outgoing
      1. Ken Keffer
      2. Ruth Hoyt
      3. Kelsey Roseth
    3. Board members – 2022
      1. Gary Moore
      2. Emily Stone
      3. Nick Lowrey
    4. Board members – 2023
      1. Bill Brassard
      2. Matt Miller
      3. Steve Griffin
    5. Board members – 2024 (incoming)
      1. Kelsey Roseth
      2. Matthew Dickerson
      3. Amy Grisak
    6. Legal Counsel-Bill Powell
    7. Executive Director-Chez Chesak
  3. Listing and moment of silence for departed members
    1. List TBD
  4. Introduction and reports by standing committee chairs
    1. Education Committee-Emily Stone
    2. Development Committee-Nick Lowrey
    3. Strategic Plan Committee-Glenn Zinkus
    4. Contests Committee-David VanWie
    5. Marketing Committee-Kelsey Roseth
    6. Membership Services Committee-Bill Brassard
    7. Officer Nominating Committee-Gary Moore
    8. Board Nominating Committee-Mary Terra-Berns
    9. Craft Improvement Committee-Steve Griffin
    10. Conference Planning Committee-Christine Peterson
    11. Ethics Committee-Terry Brady
    12. Membership Recruiting Committee-Matt Miller
    13. Treasurers/Finance Committee Report-Colleen Miniuk
    14. National Affairs and Environment Committee-Drew Youngedyke
  5. Introduction and reports by Ad hoc Committee chairs
    1. History/History Website Committee-Pat Wray
    2. Outdoor Market-John Kruse
    3. Website/Directory Evaluation/Recommendation-Ken Keffer
    4. Online Development Committee-Christine Peterson
    5. Supporter Relations Committee-Katie McKalip
    6. Diversity Committee-Kelsey Roseth
    7. Bylaws Revision Committee-Matt Miller/Bill Powell
  6. Executive Director’s Report-Chez Chesak
  7. Open forum for member comments
  8. Presidential transition
    1. Pat’s departure statement
    2. Gavel passing
    3. Christine’s acceptance

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