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OWAA Webinar - Game Cooking Class (Osso Bucco)

4/14/2021 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM ET

OWAA member Timothy Fowler is a backcountry chef who spends a few months per year cooking at his hunting camp. From his home kitchen, he'll share with us some of his best tips, tactics and techniques for 'Elevating your game' in the backcountry. 
A simple fire and well cooked meal shared among friends and family as both how and why we survived. In fact, it's why Homo Sapiens made it to numbers worth counting. A shared meal, cooked over the fire still warms our heart, fills our bellies and is the glue of social connection. We crave getting together over a good shared meal. 
Fowler, a Canadian chef-journalist, freelancer and live-fire game cook, will guide you through the steps of making Osso Bucco––the most elegant treatment of the lowly foreshank. Whether you have access to prairie pronghorn, Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer, white tail or black bears––keep the foreshanks from the sausage pile––make a feast fit for your finest friends and closest family. Tim will take you through the steps of making Osso Bucco with southern Alberta mule deer.
You can follow Timothy on Instagram @timothydfowler and check out his Food on Fire column for RV West Magazine at  Feel free to reach out to him directly and specify your questions in advance. 

Zoom link and dial-in information will be sent to you 90 minutes before the presentation starts. 

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