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My document upload says 100%, but when I click “Add to Cart,” I get a pop-up box that reads “Please wait for the uploading to complete.”

Just give it a little more time. When the file is completely finished and ready to be added to your cart, the file name will appear beneath the box with a red “x” next to it in case you need to remove that document. All files must completely upload before the form can be sumbitted.

My uploaded document is showing up on the form, but there is a red “x” in a circle next to it, does that mean there is a problem with the file?

No – that means the file is done uploading and you may submit the form when ready. If you accidentally uploaded the wrong document or image, you can click the red “x” to remove that uploaded document from the form.

I am getting an “Error 200, HTTP Error” message when trying to upload. Why?

Make sure that you do not have any apostrophes, commas or other special characters in your file names. This creates an error during the upload process. Once these symbols are removed from your file name, you should be able to upload successfully.

My article is multiple pages. How do I get all the pages submitted to you?

Each upload area can handle the upload of multiple pages. Using the “select files” button, you can add each of the pages until all of the pages of your article have been uploaded.

Mfiles are larger than 10MB and I do not know how to reduce the size. How do I submit my entries?

Please note the 10MB limit is per file – if you have multiple files that total up to more than 10MB as a group, that as fine, as long as the individual files are beneath this limit. If any of your files are larger than 10MB, they will not be able to be uploaded on the entry form and in that case please contact our EIC coordinator at for instructions on submitting large files.

I am confused by this message when I try to submit my entry: “Validation errors occurred. Please confirm the fields and submit it again.”

If you receive an error message when trying to submit an online entry, please double-check to make sure you filled out all required fields, including checkboxes.


We are getting our broadcast entries ready for the EIC contests and noticed there wasn’t a listing this year for subject-based contests. Did that change from a few years ago? Wanted to make sure we weren’t missing something!

Now, there are subject-based CATEGORIES within the media-based contests.

Does OWAA require payment of 2018 dues before entering the contests?

Yes, please pay your 2019 dues before (or when) entering the 2019 contests. This has been a requirement in the past and is still part of the current EIC rules.

How many times can I enter the EIC contests?

According to the rules, you may submit two entries in each category within any given contest.

H am an OWAA member, but my piece is co-authored and my co-author is not an OWAA member. What are my entry fees?

According to the rules, all co-authors must be OWAA members with the exception of the Book contest. The entry fee is a flat rate per entry, so no additional fees are required if an entry is submitted with co-authors.

What is a PDF and how do I create one?

A PDF is type of digital file. PDFs are required for the EIC contest since they cannot be easily altered , unlike a Word file, which makes them easier to use for judging.

If you only have a hardcopy of an article or a photo, you will need to either get a digital copy of the file from the publisher, editor, etc. or scan your hard copy. If you do not own a scanner, you can make scans at a local library or copy shop, such as Kinko’s. A PDF is the standard file format for scans, so your digital scan should be properly formatted, but you can also double-check with the staff at the library or copy center.

If you have an article or photo that was published online, you can print out the article/photo and then follow the directions above or you can take a screenshot of the article from your computer. This can generally be done by simply pressing the “print screen” button on your keyboard and then pasting the image into a Word document, (For more detailed information on how to take a screenshot, see our most recent editor’s blog posting.) Once you have the image in Word, go to “File” and then “Save As.” On the “Save As” screen, there is option to choose the file type. ( It might say “.doc” or “.docx” at first.) Press the down arrow by this box to see more option and choose the “PDF” file option.

Magazine, E-zine and Newspaper contests

I am a bit confused regarding the submission of a JPEG or PDF. Are we to scan the article and create a JPEG/PDF or get it from magazine? No more original tear sheet with name obscured?

You can take an article tear sheet and scan it, creating a JPEG/PDF. Or you can get the original from the publication. Whatever is easiest for you. And as the rules state, there’s still need for one JPEG/PDF with the byline visible and another JPEG/PDF with the byline obscured.

For print (newspaper and magazine) the rules state that the article must be removed from the newspaper or magazine and submitted in JPEG/PDF form. What if the writer doesn’t have an original copy of the newspaper article? I only have the online version of some articles. However, at the bottom of the articles, it states when it appeared in print and on which page of the newspaper. Would that satisfy the rules as long as I submit it in JPEG/PDF format?

Yes, you can submit the online version of an article, so long as it states when and where it was published. Just remember to submit to versions of the article: one with byline visible and another with the byline crossed out. (If you need to, you can print the online article, cross out your byline with a permanent marker, and scan as a PDF.)

To submit a newspaper (print) article, is it OK if I make the JPEG/PDF from the identical online version of the article? Making JPEG/PDFs from newspapers is very awkward, and you don’t need/want the photos anyway. The online version has the “posted date” and byline.

That works for us!

Photography contests

I have a few calendar images that I may enter. The problem is the date and my name appear on a different page than the images. How should I submit these?

If you submit calendar images in the Photography contest, and the image doesn’t include your photo credit or date, there is an option on the online entry form that will allow you to upload a JPEG/PDF of an additional page that includes your name and the date of publication.

I am uploading a 10MB picture, which is the limit according to the rules. But it’s not working. Why is that?

The EIC entry system’s maximum size for uploaded images is exactly 10MB. So if your image is even just a tad bit over 10MB, it won’t work. Try decreasing the size by a few MBs and that will do the trick. If you are still unable to upload your file, email

Book contest

The early deadline for the book contest threw me. I’ve missed it, I guess. However, I notice that the publication window is nearly two years. If that is advanced by one year for the 2019 contest, my book, which came out April 1, 2017, would be eligible next year. Do you know if that will be the case?

Yes, if you missed this year’s deadline for the book contests, and your book came out in early 2017, it will definitely be eligible for next year’s EIC contests. We have to institute an early deadline for the book contest because of the sheer size and volume that the judges need to read, so we give them an extra two months to get through the entries.

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