Demand Media Studios looking for travel writers

Outdoor Market - writingDemand Media Studios is looking for travel experts to contribute top quality content for wide circulation on their network of premium websites. This is the perfect opportunity for professionals looking to position themselves as an authoritative name in the world of travel.
Their network of travel writers produces well-researched, informative and engaging garden content to help  readers to plan the perfect trip from start to finish. Available topics include beach and resort getaways, hotel and lodging options, outdoor and adventure titles, trip planning advice and more.
An ideal candidate will meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience writing about travel for an established national or international publication or travel-based website.
  • Extensive travel experience to be comfortable with basic concepts, categories, and protocols of travel today.
  • Extensive experience and/or certification in a travel-related field/sport (e.g. scuba diving) in which you’re writing about with comprehensive knowledge of the particulars/legalities/rules of that activity.

Candidates will also be required to submit a writing sample demonstrating their ability to write on travel topics.
Please follow the link below to apply:

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