December 2017/January 2018

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5 … Finding friendly faces at SHOT — by Kris Millgate
6 … Funding your documentary — by James Swan
7 … The final steps to win your Emmy  — by Lisa Ballard
8 … Inspiration in the elements — by William Hurst
10 … Ready, set, hike and write — by Courtney Brockman
11 … Pack the pronunciation guide — by Phil Bloom
12 … Fish, hike and bird-watch — by Phil Bloom
16 … Portfolio — by James Smedley
28 … Farm bill conserves important land — by Larry Stone
29 … Lead poisons people, as well as wildlife — by Joel Vance
Also in this month’s issue:
4 … President’s message
14 … Bookshelf
15 … New members
18 … Norm Strung Youth Writing Awards
30 … Association updates
And more!

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