December 2016/January 2017

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5 … Make tax season less painfulby John Allen
6 … Shooting shot shellingby Lefty Ray Chapa
7 … Draw viewers in with anthropomorphic photos  — by Ann and Rob Simpson
8 … Using Instagram for instant career success — by Philip Quade
10 … Make new media that makes moneyby Taylor Wyllie
11 … On assignment with Peter Frick-Wrightby Taylor Wyllie
12 … 100 years of the Migratory Bird Treaty Actby Ashley Peters
16 … Roots of the Sagebrush Rebellionby Chris Madson
Also in this month’s issue:
4 … President’s message
14 … Portfolio
18 … Conference preview
22 … Bookshelf
24 … New members
25 … Association update
And more!

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