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[level-non-member] is on the hunt for engaging, entertaining and educational content for its growing website.
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[level-membersupporter] is on the hunt for engaging, entertaining and educational content for its growing website.
How-To Content
We are especially interested in How-To content. These articles can cover a wide range of topics, from Fishing Tackle and Rigging How-To Articles to Boat Maintenance and Trip Planning to Caring for Boat Trailers or other necessary pieces of boating equipment. Photography is very important to these articles. Photos must show the various steps you are covering in your how-to article. For an example of what we’re looking for, please check out this link: A clear photo (that is at least 1100 pixels wide at 72dpi) with an accompanying caption that describes each step of a rig is ideal. We also accept longer, text-based articles about various subjects.
Articles that discuss how weather, sea-surface temperature, chlorophyll and the other tools that FishTrack offers can help anglers catch more fish are especially useful. 
Inshore Articles
Due to popular demand, we are expanding our editorial coverage from offshore saltwater species to inshore species. FishTrack will focus 80% of its content on offshore species and devote the remaining space to popular game fish such as striped bass, sea trout, redfish, snappers and groupers, king mackerel, cobia, flatfish, etc. This opens up a wealth of opportunity for those of you who are sitting on giant libraries of content that can be freshened up and sent our way. We do not care if material was previously published as long as it is relevant to our readers.
Boating DIY Articles
We need to build up our database of boating articles and photo galleries. We do NOT want boat reviews. Most of our users own boats and want to read about things they can do to fix up or improve their boats. Installing systems, using electronics more efficiently, engine maintenance, cleaning tips, etc. We have yet to find a reliable, knowledgable Boating Editor who can send in usable text and imagery on a regular basis… Are you that person?
FishTrack is seeking 2- to 4-minute video clips that show users fishing techniques and tackle tips.
FishTrack offers competitive rates and pays 30 days after publishing an article.
Please email your story ideas to If you have any questions, feel free to call or email at any time.

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