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Below you’ll find our photo needs for the Jan/Feb 2017 Bugle along with some future photo essay needs.
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Below you’ll find our photo needs for the Jan/Feb 2017 Bugle along with some future photo essay needs.
Submissions terms are the same but if you need a refresher you can find them here: http://www.rmef.org/NewsandMedia/BugleMagazine/PhotoSubs.aspx. Please do make sure your photos contain your name in either the metadata or file name.
Submissions are due: Friday, October 7, 2016. Let me know if you need any extra time.
 Maggie Valley

  • Fall foliage images of Maggie Valley, Cherokee, or GSMNP
  • elk in the Cataloochee Valley (especially during the rut and/or fall color)
  • elk raiding gardens in a southeastern landscape
  • Rise of Eastern elk sidebar: images of wild elk in AR, KY, MI, NC, PA, TN, VA and/or WI (may not need all of these, but each has a graph showing the population trends for each state).

 Shoulder Seasons

  • Shots of elk (especially big herds) on classic winter range—snow-covered sagebrush flats, rolling hills, grassy slopes, etc.
  • Hunters on late-season hunts, glassing for elk, dragging out a kill using a sled or other method over snow
  • Signage related to late hunts, or state game managers checking hunters or hunter kills during the late season or with snow on the ground.
  • Elk munching on haystacks or out on agricultural fields during the winter
  • Pregnant-looking cow elk during winter months

Good Stewards: Young Forests

  • Appealing shots of forest or brush thinning, or the lush regrowth following a mechanical forest treatment. Scenic pine forests with an open understory.
  • Shots of the dank forest floor below thick conifer canopy with little to no ground forage—just pine needles and little color.
  • Before and after shots of forests that have been opened up, or historic vs. current shots of forests that are severely overgrown.

Name That Elk Country
Looking for vertical landscape images of the Cypress Hills in Alberta and Saskatchewan such as:

  • Cypress hills rising out of the prairie
  • The conglomerate cliffs above Adam’s Lake or similar areas
  • Fall aspen in this region, or appealing forest images of the Cypress Hills


  • Wolves in big landscapes
  • Hunters searching for wolves, going steep and deep

Photo Essay: Bearded Elk

  • Bulls or cows with giant neck beards hanging down to their knees (or thereabouts) blowing in the breeze or just displayed in marvelous poses. Beards appear to be most prominent in fall and winter but any season will do.

Future photo essays:  
The Straight & Narrow—Bulls with unusually narrow racks. Summer, fall and winter all fine, though hard-antlered will likely be strongest.
Son of Heads on Sheds— Had fun with this idea back in May-June 2007, and thought it might be time to revisit it. Basically we’re after racks, skulls and antlers (primarily elk, but won’t rule out moose, deer, caribou, or mixes of all) festooning barns, sheds, garages, gates, fences, trees, etc.
Tongues—Catching snowflakes, licking calves, bull/cow courtship, yawning, barking, sticking their tongues out, making funny faces, etc.
The Butts of Elk Country—Homage to the name the Shawnee gave elk, wapiti or white rump. Bulls, cows and calves seen from rear view, cool alignments of multiple elk, etc.

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