Outdoor Market photoBugle, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Journal of Elk Country and the Hunt, is looking for submissions for the following subjects. Please note: before submitting, read Bugle’s submission guidelines at http://www.rmef.org/NewsandMedia/BugleMagazine/HuntSubs.aspx, which includes editorial contact information.
Situation Ethics:
Have you faced an ethical challenge as a hunter or conservationist that tested your convictions? Even if you made the “wrong” decision, your story could find a home in one of our oldest and best-read departments. Send Bugle your 1,000- to 2,000-word story.
For Dad:
What did or does your dad mean to you when it comes to hunting? Was he the guy who took you to the woods for the first time? Did you hear your first bugle with him? Was he there the first time you shot an elk? We want to know how your dad influenced you, both in hunting and in life. Tell us in 3,000 words or less by Feb. 1.
Lever Guns:
Got an old lever action that’s seen more elk than a Yellowstone mineral lick? Well, we want to know its story. Has it saved your life? Been on every hunt? Symbolize everything you hold dear? Tell us about your old lever action. But remember, a gun is only as good as the stories behind it. Be sure to take us hunting. Deadline is Feb. 1.
Have You Ever Hunted…
Elk in the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico, Wyoming’s Wind River Range, the Blue Mountains in Oregon or Washington, the Jarbidge Wilderness in Nevada, or Colorado’s Elk and West Elk Mountains? If you answered yes to any, we want to hear about your hunt. For more details, please shoot us an email to the address below.
Bugle is looking for landscape, elk and other wildlife photographs from Montana’s Missouri River Breaks. To read photo guidelines and for contact information, visit http://www.rmef.org/NewsandMedia/BugleMagazine/PhotoSubs.aspx.

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