Association Update: September 2013

New Members:

  • Alan Alborn
  • Michael Hamilton
  • Judith Kohler
  • Kirk Mantay
  • Wade Nelson
  • Trampas Swanson

Proposed New Members:

Proposed member listings include references to acronyms that relate to Skills, Subject Matter, and Sections. A key for those acronyms can be found here.

  • Leon Archer, 726 Maple Ave., Fulton, NY 13069. (H) 315-402-1269, (C) 315-591-1522, Weekly column, “The Sportsman’s World,” in Valley News. Retired educator, 32 years. Decoy carver. (Geraldine) Skills: N; Subject Matter: ACLSU; Sections: Newspaper. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Glenn Sapir.
  •  Bryce Bekar, Wild Place Adventures, 33 Tabor Crescent, Whitehorse, YT Y1A0C8 Canada. (H) 867-334-4788, (C) 867-334-4788, Student, North American School of Outdoor Writing. Monthly column in What’s Up Yukon. Writes in the members section of Outdoor Edge newsletter as a director of the Yukon Fish And Game Association. (Heather) Skills: NW; Subject Matter: ACGHK; Sections: Magazine, Newspaper. Applying for Student Membership.
  •  Jenni Bidner, 3104 Walkup Rd., Crystal Lake, IL 60012. (H) 815-788-0045, (C) 815-353-7845,, Author of more than twenty books, including “Growler the Wolf Pup,”(2013) and “Is My Dog a Wolf?” (2007) and recipient of the Bergh Award for Non-Fiction Children’s Book of the Year. Also photographer for these two and most of the other books. Photography instructor with Calendar photographer, dogs and wildlife. Volunteer K-9 Handler with Illinois-Wisconsin Search & Rescue Dogs, working with her German shorthaired pointer dogs to help police find lost and missing people. Former chief editor of several national magazines, including Petersen’s Photographic and Outdoor & Travel Photography. Former account supervisor with Bozell Worldwide. Skills: BEOQS; Subject Matter: EQ; Sections: Magazine, Media/Communications, Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Bruce Cochran.
  •  Christen Duxbury, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, 2407 First St. NW, Washington, DC 20001. (C) 434-825-4891,, Senior manager of communications and online engagement, TRCP. Grew up with wilderness-loving parents who taught her to enjoy all the land can give, from the adventure of climbing a mountain to the solitude of walking a fence line at dusk. Came into her own as a conservationist and a writer in college, taking backcountry trips on weekends between classes at Virginia Commonwealth University. Since joining the TRCP in 2010, she has built the TRCP social media and online engagement program through strategy, teamwork and trial and error. Steeped in the online culture that pervades the modern world, she holds a vast arsenal of knowledge and experience in digital tools including social media, online fundraising, email newsletters, blogging, graphic design and more. Spends her free time making new friends, climbing, writing, exploring and dabbling in hunting and fishing. Skills: CDEIOQ; Subject Matter: ABCEGLOR; Sections: Media/Communications. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Katie McKalip.
  •  Rick Fowler, 512 Linden Dr., Harbor Springs, MI 49740. (H) 231-526-7854, Twenty-third year as an outdoor freelance writer. Field editor, Hooks & Bullet magazine. Michigan editor, Midwest Outdoors. 2012 James M. Hall Award winner from MOWA. (Susan) Skills: COW; Subject Matter: ACJKM; Sections: Magazine. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by David Rose.
  •  Sarah Grigg, 2893 Sourdough Rd., Bozeman, MT 59715. (H) 406-589-4015, (C) 406-589-4015, (W) 406-589-4015,, Skills: CIOW, Subject Matter: LOQRS; Sections: Magazine. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Chris Hunt.
  •  Robert Henke, Henke & Associates Conservation Consultants, 2743 State Rte. 40, Box 173, Argyle, NY 12809. (H) 518-638-6591, (C) 518-932-4162, (W) 518-638-6580, Taught anthropology before starting a career as an environmental conservation officer. After 32 years as a police officer, he retired to write position papers for international wildlife organizations. Began writing newspaper columns in 1989. Columns are currently being syndicated. Other writing, in addition to scientific writing, includes one book, “Growing Up Wild,” and magazine freelancing including fiction, non-fiction, and humor on a range of topics and formats such as hunting dog issues, wildlife ethics and back-page humor pieces. Has also done radio and TV work, mostly recently info spots to appear on NatGeo. Public speaker credentialed through Toastmasters International. (Dr. Janice) Skills: BCILOQW; Subject Matter: ACDEILOPQRSU; Sections: Magazine, Newspaper, Radio, TV/Video. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Glenn Sapir.
  •  Edward Kanze, 80 Moose Pond Ln., Bloomingdale, NY 12913. (H) 518-891-3632, (W) 518-891-3632,, Author, naturalist, photographer, columnist and Adirondack guide. “All Things Natural” weekly column. Author, seven books. Two new books in progress, a novel about Henry Hudson and a narrative of wildlife, homesteading and forebears in the Adirondack Mountains. Contributing editor, Bird Watcher’s Digest. (Debbie) Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Chip Gross.
  •  Lynda Lambert, Arizona Game and Fish Department, 5000 W. Carefree Hwy., Phoenix, AZ 85086. (H) 517-281-3738, (W) 623-236-7203, (F) 623-236-7903,, Public information officer since 2006, Arizona Game and Fish Department. Responsible for outreach, public relations and media relations for endangered species, wildlife watching, research, habitat and wildlife education. (John) Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Carol Lynde.
  •  Marie Majarov, Majarov Photography, 104 Winnepeg Place, Winchester, VA 22603. (C) 540-336-8728,, Virginia master naturalist and a freelance photographer and writer. Contributor, Virgina Wildlife magazine, Outdoor Report. Credits, Smithsonian Zoogoer, Blue Ridge Country, Beekeeping and others. Member and current president, VOWA. Board of directors, MDOWA. (Milan) Skills: ILOSW, Subject Matter: OQRSTU; Sections: Magazine, Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Nancy Sorrells.
  •  David Majure, Arizona Game and Fish Department, 219 N. Silverado St., Gilbert, AZ 85234. (H) 480-857-0359, (W) 623-236-7321, Video producer, Arizona Game and Fish Department. Former executive director, KAET-TV, Arizona PBS (1989-2001, 2007-2012). Broadcast producer, Arizona Capital Television (2001-2007) (Lauren) Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Carol Lynde.
  •  Richard A. Minich, All Esox Publications, P.O. Box 493, East Aurora, NY 14052. (H) 716-652-9309, (C) 716-472-6875, (F) 716-655-2621,, Publisher of six books about musky fishing: two nonfiction, one mock epic and three novels. Publisher of e-book, “The Sollie Drake Story.” (Joan) Skills: BOP; Subject Matter: AKL. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Mark Taylor.
  •  John Rust, P.O. Box 459, Hampden, ME 04444. (W) 207-337-5858,, Lifelong outdoorsman and registered Master Maine Guide. Grew up in Maine where he would fish for flounder from the docks in the harbor or hand line for haddock in the open sea; canoe, camp and fish for wild brook trout and landlocked salmon on Maine’s inland lakes and streams; hike the mountains in summer; ski the slopes in winter; and practice shooting in the backyard before hunting season. Active in fly-fishing; canoe tripping; ducks, grouse and deer hunting; and snowmobiling. Writes articles about hunting, shooting, fishing and camping that appear online and in newsletters of hunting outfitters, lodges and outdoor organizations such as the Maine Professional Guides Association and the Maine Sporting Camp Heritage Foundation. His engineering and marketing degrees are applied while consulting on search engine optimization, website development, WordPress customization and marketing for nature-based tourism customers. Skills: CDIOQVW; Subject Matter: ACGHJKLMOPRSU; Sections: Media/Communications. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Mark Taylor.
  •  Johnny Sain Jr., P.O. Box 897, Dover, AR 72837. (H) 479-857-6791, (C) 479-857-6791, (W) 479-857-6791,, Editor, About … the River Valley Magazine. Duties include one feature and an outdoor column in every issue highlighting culture and history in the Arkansas River Valley. Columnist, Arkansas Wildlife Federation. Outdoor columnist for The Newton County Times. Owner of A View from the Back Roads website which won the 2012 Realtree Horizons Award from SEOPA. Contributor for Harris’ Farmer’s Almanac. Assisted in Arkansas Tech University research on Ozark Food Culture, which leaned heavily on wild game and plants. Outdoor columnist and feature writer for The River Valley Leader. Returning junior college student this fall semester. A journalism major with a minor in biology and an associates degree in Ozark culture studies. (Christine) Skills: DENOSW; Sections: Magazine, Newspaper, Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Hal Herring.
  • Hank Shaw, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, 8575 Sonia Ave., Orangevale, CA 95662. (H) 916-792-8197, (C) 916-792-8197, (W) 916-792-8197,, Runs the award-winning website Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, which focuses on wild food whether it’s hunted, fished for or foraged. Writes regularly for the various Petersen’s magazines, Pheasant Forever, Delta Waterfowl and several other publications. Author of two cookbooks, “Hunt, Gather, Cook” (Rodale, 2011) and “Duck, Duck, Goose” (Ten Speed, 2013). Skills: BCLOW; Subject Matter: ABCT; Sections: Magazine, Media/Communications. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Mark Taylor.
  •  Brian Wright, ESPN Radio Kansas City, 12801 W. 118th St., Overland Park, KS 66210. (H) 913-766-6776, (C) 913-484-7861, (W) 866-251-8705,, Current host, “The Outdoor Guys,” ESPN 1510 Kansas City. Contributing writer, Former sports editor, Kansas City Kansan newspaper. (Cheri) Skills: EORSV; Subject Matter: ADKLT; Sections: Newspaper, Photography, Radio, TV/Video. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Brent Frazee.

Reinstated Members:

  • Burt Myers, (Active Member) 42 Catalina Dr., Toronto, ON M1M1K6 Canada. (H) 416-267-9093, (F) 416-267-9093, Freelance editor and writer for Eastern Woods and Waters. Editor,

Credentials Reviews:
The following members have successfully passed the review of their member credentials:

  • Dan Aadland
  • Jeff Alt
  • W. H. “Chip” Gross
  • Gail Jokerst
  • Bob Shell

New Supporting Groups, Agencies and Businesses:

Supporting Group listings include references to acronyms that relate to resources they provide. A key for those acronyms can be found at
  • J. Addams & Partners Inc., 500 Bishop St., B-5, Atlanta, GA 30318. Contact: Gail Davidson, manager. (W) 404-231-1132, (F) 404-240-0418,, Public realtions for Honda Power Equipment and Honda Marine. Supporter Resources: IGOP.
  • Loba Outdoors, 7715 Crittenden St., #382, Philadelphia, PA 19118. Contact: Amanda Orson, founder. (W) 215-459-7610,, is built for women who hunt, fish, and live the outdoors lifestyle. A web-based women’s outdoor magazine freshly launched in 2013. Their broad categories of content will include hunting, fishing, shooting, cooking and eating wild, and outdoor lifestyle features. Supporter Resources: CO.
  • Nevada Commission on Tourism, 401 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89701. Contact: Bethany Drysdale, director of public relations. (W) 775-687-0647, (Toll Free) 800-237-0774, (F) 755-684-8912,, Nevada is the seventh largest state in the U.S. and nearly 90 percent public land. The Nevada Commission on Tourism is a state agency that is tasked with marketing the vast array of experiences and attractions to be found in Nevada. Supporter Resources: IO.
  • Recycled Fish, 3109 Lone Tree Rd., Bellevue, NE 68123. Contact: Teeg Stouffer, executive director. (W) 402-933-3443, (F) 206-260-8984,, Recycled Fish engages, educates and equips anglers to be everyday stewards of our waters, because lifestyle runs downstream.

Reinstated Supporting Groups, Agencies and Businesses

  • Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, 110 North Carolina Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20003. Contact: Cole Henry, communications coordinator. (W) 202-543-6850,, Since 1989 the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation has maintained a singleness of purpose that has guided the organization to become the most respected and trusted sportsmen’s organization in the political arena. CSF’s mission is to work with Congress, governors, and state legislatures to protect and advance hunting, recreational angling and shooting and trapping. See more at:

Directory Updates

  • Ducks Unlimited, 1 Waterfowl Way, Memphis, TN 38120. Contact: James Powell, communications director. (W) 901-483-9980, (F) 901-758-3967,, Ducks Unlimited is the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving North America’s continually disappearing waterfowl habitats. Established in 1937, Ducks Unlimited has conserved more than 13 million acres, thanks to contributions from more than a million supporters across the continent. Guided by science and dedicated to program efficiency, Ducks Unlimited works toward the vision of wetlands sufficient to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever.

Deceased Members

  • Floyd Franke


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