Association Update: March 2014


February brought monetary gifts from generous donors. These tax-deductible donations are dedicated to funds designed to boost OWAA efforts ranging from education programs to operational costs. For details about OWAA funds, contact OWAA headquarters at 406-728- 7434.
Operating Fund

  • David L. Barus
  • Janet Lebson

Bodie McDowell Scholarship Fund

  • Janet Lebson

John Madson Fellowship Fund

  • Janet Lebson
  • James T. Smith
  • Joel M. Vance

Restricted Endowment

  • Janet Lebson

New Members:

  • Paul J. Baicich
  • Bob Bramblet
  • Preston Keck
  • Christopher Paparo
  • Ryan Roberts
  • Paul Vertrees
  • Dusty Wissmath

Proposed New Members:

Proposed member listings include references to acronyms that relate to Skills, Subject Matter, and Sections. A key for those acronyms can be found here.
Proposed New Members:

  • Matthew Copeland, 150 Red Butte Dr., Lander, WY 82520. (H) 307-287-2839, (C) 307-287-2839, (W) 303-441-5142,, A proud native of Charlottesville Va. Served a six-year corporate sentence in Major Metro USA before finding his way home to Wyoming. He met, married and made a son with his wife in this open country and it’s got its claws into him. Works for the National Wildlife Federation, fighting for his son to have similar opportunity someday. Credits, Gray’s Sporting Journal, The Drake magazine, The Casper Star Tribune and elsewhere. Half of the two man team that produces, a thrice weekly blog examining the efforts of two hard hunting and fishing fathers who’re trying to balance between passionate pursuits and happy home-lives. Skills: CEINOQSW; Subject Matter: ABCGKLOST; Sections: Media/Communications. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Todd Tanner.
  •  Erin Merrill, 72 Glenridge Dr., Portland, ME 04102. (C) 207-356-2855,, Started hunting in 2002 with her dad. Within five years, had built a tree stand and started a blog,, to document her adventures hunting white-tailed deer. Looked to expand her hunting knowledge and try turkey hunting and goose hunting over the next few years. Started a monthly article for the Northwoods Sporting Journal called “Women in the Woods” in January 2014. Board member, Friends of Maine Becoming an Outdoors-Woman. Skills: CW; Subject Matter: C; Sections: Magazine. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Chris Hunt.
  •  Jonathan Olivier, Bayou Bucks magazine, 830 Vancouver Dr., Port Allen, LA 70767. (C) 225-287-0998, Paid contributor and contributing editor, Bayou Bucks magazine based in Louisiana. Writes, shoots photos, edits and plans monthly issues with the editorial team. Freelances for outdoor-oriented, which focuses on the latest hunting, fishing and shooting news. Works on a per-story basis focusing on hunting and fishing news. Intern, summer 2013, Backpacker Magazine in Boulder, Colo. Skills: EOW; Subject Matter: ACFGP; Sections: Magazine. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Paul Queneau.
  •  Stephanie Salinas, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 4200 Smith School Rd., Austin, TX 78744. (C) 512-968-5743, (W) 512-389-8756, Communications specialist, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Skills: IOQSW; Subject Matter: ACLOST; Sections: Media/Communications. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Steve Lightfoot.
  •  Chad Shmukler, Hatch Magazine/Cignal Media LLC, 215 Carpenter St., Philadelphia, PA 19147. (H) 215-808-7398, (C) 267-702-6360, (W) 267-702-6360,, Been writing in online mediums for approximately a decade, mostly in the world of gadgets and technology. In late 2011, decided to write about topics that he was passionate about — fly-fishing, conservation, photography and the outdoors — and started the online fly-fishing magazine Hatch Magazine as an outlet for this writing. In the time since, Hatch Magazine has grown considerably — from a randomly updated personal hobby, to a daily-updated fly-fishing, conservation and outdoors related periodical. During a typical month, more than 20,000 readers visit the site. (Kerry) Skills: CDEOPSW; Subject Matter: ABGLS; Sections: Magazine, Media/Communications, Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Chris Hunt.
  •  Brad Smith, Cintas First Aid and Safety, 17818 Captiva Way, Westfield, IN 46062. (H) 317-644-9912, (C) 317-644-9912, (W) 317-644-9912,, Published twice in Midwest Outdoors within the past year with a third article confirmed to be published in April 2014. Operates a blog at as well as writes recipes and other outdoor articles for the Outdoor Shopper’s website, Twitter, and Facebook page, Works with Average Outdoorsman providing content for their site, Just published first book on Amazon, “When the World Wakes Up”. (Lindi) Skills: BCOSW; Subject Matter: ACFQST. Applying for Associate Membership; sponsored by Tim Mead.
  •  Matt Smythe, fishingpoet, 43 Main St., Apt. 66, Bloomfield, NY 14469. (H) 585-406-5525, (C) 585-406-5525,, Founder and author, fishingpoet. Vice president, Trout Unlimited, Canandaigua Lake chapter. Co-project leader, Project Healing Waters, Canandaigua Chapter. Associate creative director, Brandtatorship advertising agency. Skills: CEMORTV; Subject Matter: AFMO; Sections: Media/Communications, Radio, TV/Video. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Chris Hunt.
  •  Terry Thomas, 2626 E. 98th N., Idaho Falls, ID 83401. (H) 208-529-4053, (C) 208-390-0610, (W) 208-525-7290,, With his wife Cathy, parent of five children and grandparent of 10. Weekly nature column for the past 16 years for the Idaho Falls Post Register. Writes on a wide variety of topics including humorous glimpses of nature, philosophy, and biology. Recently completed a book, “The Best of Nature,” highlighting more than 100 of his best work, available from Amazon or his website: Professional wildlife biologist and has worked for Idaho Department of Fish and Game for 27 years. Began his career as a conservation officer in north-central Idaho. Later, he managed Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area for many years. Currently supervises the habitat program in the Upper Snake Region. Board member, Friends of Camas NWR. (Cathy) Skills: BNSW; Subject Matter: ACLOQSU; Sections: Magazine, Newspaper, Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Kris Millgate.

Credentials Reviews:

The following members have successfully passed the review of their member credentials:

  • P.J. Delhomme
  • Dawn Faught
  • Jim Foster
  • Kris Millgate
  • George Poveromo
  • Brett Prettyman
  • Paul “Rick” Windhamv

New Supporting Groups, Agencies and Businesses:

Supporting Group listings include references to acronyms that relate to resources they provide. A key for those acronyms can be found at
  • Brownells, Inc., 200 S. Front St., Montezuma, IA 50171. Contact: Larry Weeks, public relations manager. (W) 641-623-8071, (Toll Free) 800-741-0015, (F) 641-623-8071,, Mail order sales of firearms accessories, gunsmithing tools, reloading supplies, ammunition and survival gear. Supporter Resources: GIP.
  •  Cat Magnet, P.O. Box 4760, Charlottesville, VA 22905. Contact: John McMahon, CEO. (W) 877-210-3993, (Toll Free) 877-210-3993,, Cat Magnet is a Virginia-based brand of fishing tackle, gear, and apparel. Our mission is to elevate the sport of catfishing while educating our customers and fans about conservation and responsible angling. Supporter Resources: G.
  •  D.T. Systems, c/o Howard Communications, 289 Hwy. CC, Elsberry, MO 63343. Contact: Andrew Howard, account executive. (W) 573-898-3422, 214-350-9446, (F) 573-898-3407,, D.T. Systems has been providing e-collars and dog training gear since 1983. Products include an extensive line of e-collars, bird launchers, dummy launchers and a wide range of training accessories. D.T. Systems is dog tested, dog tough.
  •  Tenkara USA, 637-B S. Broadway, #108, Boulder, CO 80305. Contact: Daniel Galhardo, founder. (W) 415-238-6613,, Tenkara is the simple Japanese method of fly-fishing where only a rod, line and fly are used. Tenkara USA is the first company to bring this method and a full line of tenkara products to the U.S. The vision for Tenkara USA is to introduce tenkara outside of Japan, to open the doors to people who like the idea of fly-fishing but have always found western fly-fishing too complex, and to excite experienced fly anglers through an effective but simpler approach to fly-fishing. Supporter Resources: GP.

Reinstated Supporting Groups, Agencies and Business

  • Birchwood Casey, c/o Howard Communications, 289 Hwy. CC, Elsberry, MO 63343. Contact: Mike Capps, account executive. (W) 573-898-3422, (Toll Free) 800-328-6156, ext. 7923, (F) 952-937-7979,, Manufactures complete line of gun-care and refinishing chemicals, including RIG products, designed for the do-it-yourself market. Manufactures World of Targets product line of steel targets and the revolutionary Shoot-N-C, Dirty Bird, Sharpshooter and Darkotic targets. Sold worldwide to sporting-goods distributors.
  •  Lightfield Ammunition Corp., P.O. Box 162, Adelphia, NJ 7710. Contact: Peter Saker. (W) 732-462-9200, (F) 732-780-2437,, Lightfield Ammunition Corporation specializes in manufacturing the hardest hitting, most accurate saboted slugs available to today’s hunters for use in their rifled shotgun barrels. The various slugs that make up the Lightfield product line utilize two distinctly innovative designs, each design functioning similarly to the other to produce superior accuracy even at extended ranges.
  •  West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, 324 Fourth Ave., Room 328, South Charleston, WV 25303. Contact: Emily Fleming, assistant to the director. (W) 304-558-2754, (F) 304-558-2459,, The mission of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources is to provide and administer a long-range comprehensive program for the exploration, conservation, development, protection and enjoyment of the state’s natural resources.

Deceased Members

  • Les Bartus
  • John Lachuk
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