Association Update: April 2014


March brought monetary gifts from generous donors. These tax-deductible donations are dedicated to funds designed to boost OWAA efforts ranging from education programs to operational costs. For details about OWAA funds, contact OWAA headquarters at 406-728- 7434.
Operating Fund

  • Sil Strung

Bodie McDowell Scholarship Fund

  • Daniel W. Draz 

New Members:

  • Matthew Copeland
  • Erin Merrill
  • Jonathan Olivier
  • Stephanie Salinas
  • Chad Shmukler
  • Brad Smith
  • Matt Smythe
  • Terry Thomas

Proposed New Members:

Proposed member listings include references to acronyms that relate to Skills, Subject Matter, and Sections. A key for those acronyms can be found here.

  • Mike Cox, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, P.O. Box 10353, Austin, TX 78766. (H) 512-774-7588, (C), (W) 512-389-8046, (F), Author of 20+ non-fiction books and hundreds of articles, including stories for outdoor magazines. Elected member of the Texas Institute of Letters, winner of the 2010 A.C. Greene Lifetime Achievement Award and numerous other awards. Late grandfather, L.A. Wilke, was an early member of OWAA and organized the association’s 1964 convention in McAllen, Texas. Currently works as news and information team lead for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in Austin. Skills: B; Subject Matter: O; Sections: Media Relations/Communications. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Steve Lightfoot.
  •  Rick Lamplugh, 1330 NW Alta Vista Dr., Corvallis, OR 97330. (C) 541-760-3832,, Author, “In the Temple of Wolves: A Winter’s Immersion in Wild Yellowstone.” Has lived and volunteered at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch in Yellowstone National Park as a program assistant for the last three winters. (Mary Strickroth) Skills: BCLOP; Subject Matter: GLMNQS; Sections: Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Jim Halfpenny.
  •  Bruce Litton, 75 Cortland Ln., Bedminster, NJ 07921. (H) 908-901-0776, (C) 908-448-8675, (W) 908-581-2531, (F) 908-953-7556,, Contributing writer and photographer, The Fisherman Magazine. Frequently freelances articles, essays, photos, and even some paid poetry for Fur-Fish-Game, On the Water, the SandPaper, and Ocean Magazine. Volunteer biweekly syndicated columnist on fishing for Recorder Newspapers. Active blogger. Involved in the outdoors passionately from age 3. His life has been, and is, based upon outdoor pursuits. His first 25 articles were published and paid for when he was between the ages of 16 and 18, including the former Fishing World magazine, but most important is the depth of personal commitment to the world out there. All the rest follows, and the desire to contribute socially is as natural as the rivers, lakes, and sunlight that generate the value. (Patricia) Skills: CN; Subject Matter: ABGKLS; Sections: Magazine, Newspaper, Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Katherine K. McKalip.
  •  Joseph (Joe) S. Lunkas, 1862 W. 16 Rd., Mesick, MI 49668. (H) 231-885-2052,, Author, “Fifty Years of Deer-Stand Reflections, A Memoir of a Michigan Master Deer Hunter,” 2011; “Fifty Years of Gathering, Fishing, and Unusual Animal Encounters, Lessons Learned of a Michigan Outdoorsman,” 2013; and “Fifty Years of Memorable Hunting Experiences: Lessons Learned of a Michigan Outdoorsman,” 2013. Frequent contributor, Woods-N-Water News, Great Lakes Life & Times magazine. (Yvonna) Skills: BEOW; Subject Matter: ACF; Sections: Magazine, Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Betty J. Sodders.
  •  Linda Nelson, Texas Fish & Game magazine, 116 W. Eagle Dr., The Hills, TX 78738. (H), (C) 901-326-7887, (W) 901-326-7887, (F),, Writes feature articles for online and print editions of Texas Fish & Game on everything related to sport vehicles, towing and accessories. Has been in the automotive industry for 28 years and with Texas Fish & Game for the past three years. Member, Texas Outdoor Writers Association and Texas Auto Writers Association. Working on a book – working title: “The Bucket List Guide to Hunting, Fishing and an Outdoor Life.” (Jim) Skills: BELNOQW; Subject Matter: HLT; Sections: Magazine, Media Relations/Communications, Newspaper. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Mary J. Nickum.
  •  Jody Only, 6507 Pacific Ave., Ste. #275, Stockton, CA 95207. (H) 209-610-5639, Columnist, freelance sports and outdoor writer and photographer. Contributor, Bass Angler Magazine, Bass West USA, Western Bass Magazine,, WON Bass, Bassmaster Magazine,, NorCal Fishing News, Advanced Angler. Skills: NOSW; Subject Matter: A; Sections: Magazine;Newspaper. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Tim Mead.
  •  Russell Roe, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, 4200 Smith School Rd., Austin, TX 78744. (H) 512-453-2358, (C) 512-658-8737, (W) 512-389-8053, (F), Managing editor at Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine, where he has worked since 2010. (Lisa) Skills: DEW; Sections: Magazine. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Earl Nottingham.
  •  Dr. Brandon Shuler, 834 Ninth Ave. S., St. Petersburg, FL 33701. (H) 832-603-3787,, Editor at large, Fly & Light Tackle Angler. Editor, “Glory of the Silver King,” Texas A&M Press, 2011. Freelance writer in various fishing-related magazines. (Ashley) Skills: BEILW; Subject Matter: BKNR; Sections: Magazine, Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Pat Ford.
  •  Claude Steelman, Wildshots Inc., P.O. Box 2913, Durango, CO 81302. (H) 970-259-3142, (C), (W) 970-259-3142, (F),, President, Wildshots Inc., publisher of fine art nature photography and books. Skills: BPS; Sections: Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Paul Queneau.
  •  Jeffrey Woleslagle, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Naturual Resources – Bureau of Forestry, 20 Barley Dr., Duncannon, PA 17020. (H) 717-834-5953, (C) 717-350-3361, (W) 717-425-5366, (F) 717-783-5109, Section chief of communications, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Naturual Resources – Bureau of Forestry. Responsible for the bureau’s Web and print materials, as well as other communications. Contributor, Pennsylvania Angler and Boater, others. (Jodi) Skills: IOSW; Subject Matter: ABCFLOQS; Sections: Magazine, Media Relations/Communications, Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Terrence J. Brady.

Reinstated Members:

  • Louie Bond, Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine, (Active) 4200 Smith School Road, Austin, TX 78744-3218. (H) 512-847-2238, (C) 512-560-4877, (W) 512-389-8706, (F) 512-389-8397,, At Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine since 2006, first as managing editor and now as editor. Also hosts a weekly statewide radio show on Texas events that feature state parks. Mentors youth writers. (Mike) Skills: EORW; Subject Matter: GLNOPQRSTU; Sections: Magazine, Radio.
  •  Brandon Butler, Conservation Federation of Missouri, (Active) 728 W. Main, Jefferson City, MO 65101-1559. (H) 660-281-9804, (C) 660-281-9804, (W) 573-634-2322,, Executive director, Conservation Federation of Missouri. In this role he serves as editor of Missouri Wildlife magazine. Syndicated outdoor column, “Driftwood Outdoors” appears in numerous newspapers each week in Missouri and Indiana. Freelance contributor to many regional and national magazines and websites, including Outdoor Life, Eastern Fly Fishing,,, Whitetails Unlimited, the Outdoor Guide, Indiana Outdoor News, Heartland Outdoors and more. Past-president, Hoosier Outdoor Writers, Missouri Outdoor Communicators. (Melissa) Skills: EILNOQSW; Subject Matter: ACDFGLORS; Sections: Newspaper, Photography.
  •  Michael Leach, (Active) 849 Cottage Park Ln., Bozeman, MT 59718. (C) 406-224-2677,, Former bear education ranger, Yellowstone National Park. Currently works as a freelance writer, public speaker, high school basketball coach, and Montana fly-fishing and wildlife guide. Author of a book of essays “Grizzlies On My Mind.” His work has appeared in various publications, including Wyoming Wildlife, Distinctly Montana, New West and Yellowstone Discovery. Lives with his audacious daughter, Kamiah, in Bozeman, Mont.
  •  Steve Lightfoot, Steve Lightfoot Outdoor Media, (Active) 1715 Chamois Knoll, Round Rock, TX 78664. (H) 512-252-1216, (W) 512-389-4701, (F) 512-389-4450,, Media relations, Texas Parks & Wildlife Deptartment. Senior editor, Texas Sporting Journal magazine. Freelance writer specializing in hunting, fishing and conservation issues, available for assignment. (Susan) Skills: EIW; Subject Matter: ABCO.
  •  Earl Nottingham, Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, (Active) 3615 S. General Bruce Dr., Temple, TX 76504. (H) 254-773-6158, (W) 254-778-8913, ext.24,, Chief photographer, Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. Contributor, Texas Highways, Texas Monthly, Science, Smithsonian Guide To America and numerous other regional and national publications. (Paula) Skills: ILOSW; Subject Matter: ABCDEFGHJKLNORST; Sections: Photography.

    Credentials Reviews:

    The following members have successfully passed the review of their member credentials:

  • David A. Rose
  • Art Weber

New Supporting Groups, Agencies and Businesses:

Supporting Group listings include references to acronyms that relate to resources they provide. A key for those acronyms can be found at
  •  Boone and Crockett Club, 250 Station Dr., Missoula, MT 59801. Contact: Keith Balfourd, director of marketing. (W) 406-542-1888, (F) 406-542-0184,, Secondary contact: Tony Schoonen, chief of staff, Mission: To promote the conservation and management of wildlife, especially big game and its habitat. To preserve and encourage hunting and to maintain the highest ethical standards of fair chase and sportsmanship in North America. Supporter Resources: CO.
  •  Douglas Outdoors, 43 County Route 59, Phoenix, NY 13135. Contact: James Murphy, President. (W) 315-695-2008, (F) 315-695-7250,, Manufacturer of fishing rods and reels. Items include both fly tackle and spin/casting tackle. Distributor of fishing tackle including LYNX Precision tools. Supporter Resources: P.
  •  Gibbs Sports Amphibians, 45355 Helm St., Plymouth Township, MI 48170. Contact: Graham Jenkins, public relations and communications manager. (W) 248-877-8060,, Gibbs Amphibians is the world’s leading developer of High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology platforms for consumer, commercial, humanitarian and military applications. Gibbs Amphibians is a privately held company founded by Alan Gibbs with Neil Jenkins in 1999. It consists of two divisions – Gibbs Sports Amphibians, which designs and manufactures consumer sports amphibians such as the Quadski, and Gibbs Amphitrucks, which develops commercial amphibians for first responder, humanitarian and military use. Gibbs Sports Amphibians is based in Auburn Hills, Mich.
  •  Images for Conservation Fund, 2112 W. University Dr., #801, Edinburg, TX 78539. Contact: John Martin, board chairman. (W) 956-381-1264, (F) 956-380-2472,, Wildlife conservation and sustainable development through the power of photography. Supporter Resources: CIP.

Deceased Members

  • William H. Barbee
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