Association Update: December 2013

November brought monetary gifts from generous donors. These tax-deductible donations are dedicated to funds designed to boost OWAA efforts ranging from education programs to operational costs. For details about OWAA funds, contact OWAA headquarters at 406-728- 7434.

  • Peter Anastasi
  • Gerry Augustin
  • Celeste C. Baumgartner
  • William W. Forgey
  • Sam Godfrey
  • Al Lorenzetti
  • Marty Malin
  • Brian McGrath
  • Paul Quinnett
  • Glenn L. Sapir
  • Michael D. Terry
  • Joe DeFalco
  • Sam Godfrey
  • Marty Malin
  • Brian McGrath
  • Glenn L. Sapir
  • Robert C. Smith
  • Sam Godfrey
  • Marty Malin
  • Gary W. Moore
  • Sam Godfrey
  • Richard E. McCabe
  • Glenn L. Sapir
  • Gillian Scott

New members:

  • Jeffrey Isenhart
  • Robert Kay
  • Stephen Kirkpatrick
  • Lee Lamb
  • Vivian Wagner
  • Brent T. Wheat

Proposed New Members:

Proposed member listings include references to acronyms that relate to Skills, Subject Matter, and Sections. A key for those acronyms can be found here.

  • Jesse Bussard, 511 N. 19th Ave., Bozeman, MT 59718. (C) 814-599-5854,, Provides writing, editing, and digital media and marketing solutions to individuals and small businesses in the ranching, agricultural, food, and outdoors sporting communities through her company, Cowpunch Creative. Clients include individuals such as stockmanship expert, Curt Pate, sustainable ranching and grazing consultant, Jim Elizondo, and the award-winning fly-fishing film, “Where the Yellowstone Goes.” Writes for several print and online publications and in the beginning stages of her first book project. Writing currently focuses on topics relevant to food, the outdoors, agriculture, ranching, horses, and the culture of the American West. Credits, Feedstuffs, Tack ‘n Togs, American Cowboy, Progressive Cattleman, Progressive Forage Grower, Beef Producer, others. Hopes to expand into more outdoors genre publications writing about various topics related to natural resources, environmental affairs, fly-fishing, and hunting. Skills: OQW; Subject Matter: AOR; Sections: Magazine, Media/Communications, Newspaper. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Paul Queneau.
  • Andrew D. Chicone, 1200 Kasamada Dr., Fort Myers, FL 33919. (H) 239-898-1236,, Fly designer, photographer, author, instructor, lecturer and materials expert whose passion for the sport has led him to the salty waters of southwest Florida. Certified FFF casting instructor and commericial fly tier whose fly creations are both well known and in high demand amongst Florida guides. His patterns are sold in numerous fly shops and have appeared in several publications including Fly Fishing in Saltwater Magazine, Fly Fisherman, This is Fly Magazine, Hatches Magazine, The Fiberglass Manifesto, Fly & Light Tackle Angler, Florida Sportsman Magazine and others. Partnered with Stackpole Books to publish his third book, “Feather Brain – Developing, Testing & Improving Saltwater Fly Patterns.” His other titles include “Snook Flies,” “Essential Bonefish Flies,” and “Andros & Essential Permit Patterns.” Member, Dyna-King pro tyer team, Clear Cure Goo pro team, Tarpon and Bonefish Trust. Past vice president, Sanibel Fly Fishers. Enjoys intructing in person and on camera and has made several instructional videos – known for his willingness to help fly tiers young and old improve their skills at the vise. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Joe Mahler.
  • Chuck Lichon, Outdoor Publications LLC, P.O. Box 547, Linwood, MI 48634. (H) 989-879-2492, (C) 989-954-1082,, Outdoor magazine writer for over 30 years, both state and national. Writing summarizes on website or at Self published a book and just recently authored a Michigan fishing book that is currently being marketed. Skills: B; Subject Matter: AC; Sections: Magazine. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Jacob VanHouten.
  • Scott Morrison, Morrison Creative Company Inc., 907 11th St., Cody, WY 82414. (H) 307-587-1414, (C) 307-250-6240, (W) 307-527-4144, (F) 307-527-4146,, Editor, Wild Sheep Magazine,  Long Range Magazine. Associate editor, Black Powder Cartridge News. Art directs, designs and produces these three magazines as well as a fourth, The Counter Terrorist Magazine. Extensive design background in the firearms and fly-fishing industries through his creative agency, producing advertising, catalogs, packaging, photography, etc. Past hunting and fishing guide, fly-casting and fly-tying instructor and has competed in various shooting, fishing and archery competitions. Fifth-generation Montanan currently residing in Cody, Wyo. (Gina) Skills: ABDEOPS; Subject Matter: ABCDEFGKLMNT; Sections: Magazine, Media/Communications, Photography. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Katie McKalip.
  • Kristen Schmitt, 33 Coy Hill Rd., Wells, VT 05774. (H) 802-325-2225,, Accomplished writer based in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Writes articles on health, nutrition and environmental issues and has interviewed many leaders within the farming, food, and hunting communities, including Joel Salatin, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, Georgia Pellegrini, Robyn O’Brien, Jeffrey M. Smith, Brenda Valentine, Lily Raff McCaulou, and Tovar Cerulli. Credits, National Geographic, Vermont’s Local Banquet, Urban Times, Mother Earth News, and Utne Reader. Skills: O. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Jackson Landers.
  • Emily Stone, Cable Natural History Museum, 13470 Country Hwy. M, P.O. Box 416, Cable, WI 54821. (H) 715-794-2241, (C) 715-558-8653, (W) 715-798-3890,, Holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Northland College with a major in outdoor education and a Master of Science in the field naturalist program at the University of Vermont. Been the naturalist/educator at the Cable Natural History Museum since January 2011. In charge of public and school programming, weekly and seasonal newsletters, exhibit development (including text writing), pertinent news releases, and visitor contacts at this position. The weekly newsletter consists of a roughly 800-word nature article, under the title “Natural Connections.” “Natural Connections” is published in at least six newspapers in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and will also appear on at least one website. Called upon to give lectures on various natural history topics for community groups on a regular basis. Recently submitted natural history articles to Cross Country Skier Magazine and Wilder Quarterly, both will be published in the next few months. Skills: LNW; Subject Matter: GLMNSU; Sections: Newspaper. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Michael Furtman.
  • Todd Wilkinson, P.O. Box 422, Bozeman, MT 59771. (H) 406-587-4876, (C) 406-587-4876, (W) 406-587-4876, Professional journalist for almost 30 years traveling the world on assignments and writing for a wide range of magazines and newspapers. A native of Minnesota, started his career as a violent crime reporter with the legendary City News Bureau of Chicago. Bbest known for writing about issues in the American West and for 20 years has been a western correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor. Author of several books, most of them relating to the environment, outdoors, natural history, and art. Author, “Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest to Save a Troubled Planet”  (2013) and an earlier book, “Science Under Siege: The Politicians’ War on Nature and Truth,” both of which met with critical praise. Skills: BELNOPW; Subject Matter: ACGLMOQRSU; Sections: Magazine, Media/Communications, Newspaper. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Paul Queneau.

Reinstated Members:

  • Andy Whitcomb, (Active) P.O. Box 148, St. Petersburg, PA 16054. (H) 405-385-0094, (W) 405-762-6754, (F) 405-377-0131,, Freelance writer published in Oklahoma Today, Outdoor Oklahoma and Pennsylvania Boater and Angler. Blog weekly (Tues.) for Columnist for (2008-2011).

Credentials Reviews:

The following members have successfully passed the review of their member credentials:

  • Wells Adams
  • Steven A. Griffin
  • Risa Weinreb Wyatt
  • Sam Caldwell
  • James Cummins
  • Patricia G. Stockdill

New Supporting Groups, Agencies and Businesses

Supporting Group listings include references to acronyms that relate to resources they provide. A key for those acronyms can be found at

  • Gogal Publishing Company, 2017 Blackhorse Dr., Warrington, PA 18976. Contact: Mike Gogal, president. (W) 215-491-4223,, Gogal Publishing Company develops and markets GPS enabled smartphone apps for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether hiking, fishing, hunting or just sightseeing, our apps deliver quality navigation and mapping to guide users directly to their outdoor destinations. We’ve devised a unique mapping platform for our apps that delivers both automotive and handheld GPS functionality combined with user customizable waypoints, seamless USGS 7.5 minute topographic maps, street maps and satellite imagery. We then customize each mapping application with map overlays and points-of-interest specific to the outdoor theme being covered. Current projects include GPS National Parks USA, Topo Maps USA, Streams Guide USA, GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania, GPS Fishing Guide to New Jersey and Ballpark Digest. Gogal Publishing is also the official app developer of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.
  • Midwest Hunting & Fishing Guide Magazine, 4005 S. Western Ave., P.O. Box 5184, Sioux Falls, SD 57117. Contact: Jim Rogers, editor. (W) 605-274-2640, (F) 605-335-6873,, Bimonthly hunting & fishing magazine focusing on the where, what, and what with to hunt & fish in the Midwest. We provide the Midwest guides and outfitters an advertising media to attract sportsman from around the world. We are on the newsstands in 15 states and 4 provinces of Canada. Our digital version is available worldwide.
  • Supporter Resources: OP.
  • Mississippi Tourism, P.O. Box 849, Jackson, MS 39205. Contact: Michael Jones, program manager – outdoor. (W) 601-359-3603, (F) 601-359-5757,, Offers press assistance relating to Mississippi outdoors, including hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, canoeing, etc. Assists with press tours, editorial research and special requests for outdoor writers and photographers. Organizes press trips and assists with story ideas.
  • Thomas Spinning Lures Inc., 316 Wayne Ave., Hawley, PA 18428. Contact: Peter Ridd, president. (W) 570-226-4011, (Toll Free) 800-724-6768, (F) 570-226-8518,, Manufactures freshwater spoons and spinners. Supporter Resources: GIP.

Reinstated Supporting Groups, Agencies and Businesses

  •, 9 West Washington St, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60602. Contact: Chris J. Callahan, publisher. (W) 646-789-2995,, Gun news, reviews and community site.


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