Arizona Wildlife Views

Arizona Wildlife Views is looking for freelance writers and would love to make contact with those who are familiar with Arizona hunting and fishing opportunities, as well as the other story topics listed in their guidelines, as detailed below.
They also accept queries from artists and photographers. Artist guidelines: Photographer guidelines:
Contributor guidelines are as follows:
Subject matter – General interest, how-to, photo features, popularized technical material on Arizona wildlife and wildlife management, habitat issues, outdoor recreation involving wildlife, boating, fishing, hunting, bird watching, animal observation, off-highway vehicle use, etc., and historical articles about wildlife and wildlife management. No “me and Joe” articles, anthropomorphism of wildlife or opinionated pieces not based on confirmable facts.
Writers’ guidelines – Queries or articles submitted on speculation are welcome. Issues are planned one year in advance. Articles accepted for publication may lie in wait for the appropriate issue. Submissions with professional quality enhancements (digital photos, 35 mm slides, black-and-white photographs, artwork) are encouraged. However, acceptance of an article does not guarantee accompanying artwork and/or photos will be used with the article when published.
Length – Features are divided into three categories based on word count: Less than 1,200 words; 1,200 to 1,799 words; 1,800 to 2,500 words. All copy must be submitted electronically (email attachments as MS Word files are preferred).
Payment – Upon publication, Arizona Wildlife Views will send a letter invoice for material published. When signed and returned, this letter serves as an invoice. Payment is made following publication and receipt of signed letter invoice. Fees for the three feature categories are $450 (less than 1,200 words), $600 (1,200 to 1,799 words), $800 (1,800 to 2,500 words).
Use rights – Use fees for articles purchase one-time use rights and the right to use the title and a brief description of the article in promotional materials. Other uses, such as electronic or Web publishing, will be negotiated.
Tips – In general, email queries are preferred. Deadline for queries is the first of the month, six months prior to publication. We maintain a resource file of freelancers for potential assignment. Send brief resume, synopsis of types of materials available, and/or nonreturnable samples.
Contact Julie Hammonds, associate editor, Arizona Wildlife Views, 623-236-7228,

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