Association update for April

New Members

  • Eric Jay Dolin
  • Jodi Applegate Stemler

Proposed New Members

  • Brooks, Joseph M., 5803 Brainard Drive, Sylvania, OH 43560. (H) 419-885-1260, Owner, Cabin Fever Publications. Author, “Year-Round Trophy Whitetails,” (January 2007). Presently writing two more hunting books for publication in 2010-11. Owner and designer, Toad Wear trademarked clothing line. Boat sales manager, Cabelas (Dundee, Mich.), and main leasing agent for Ohio and Michigan for Base Camp Leasing Company (Ind.). (Pat) Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Mark Taylor.
  • Kish, Carey M., 21 Starbird Corner Road, Bowdoin, ME 4287. (Cell) 207-838-9669, Multi-sport adventurer, journalist and photographer. Registered Maine guide and former president and founding member of the Maine Outdoor Adventure Club. Active MATC and ATC member and maintains two sections of the Appalachian Trail. Kish is the hiking/camping columnist for the Portland Press Herald, writes an outdoor adventure blog at and is the skiing columnist for His writing and photographs have appeared in The Maine Magazine, New England Ski Journal, Acadia Journal, Maine Cyclist, and a host of other publications. Active member, New England Outdoor Writers Association, Eastern Ski Writers Assocation and New England Travel Writers Network. (Fran Leyman) Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Mark Taylor.
  • Lohrer-Bevier, Lydia, 13322 Talbot Ave., Huntington Woods, MI 48070. (H) 586-665-6769, (W) 586-738-1537, Conservation educator, Outdoor Explorers. Founder of nonprofit Outdoor Leadership in Environmental Adventures Program (LEAP), freelance writer, photographer, regional editor, book editor. First woman to host a nationally televised hunting show in North America, “Huntress.” Wrote, produced and starred in the longest running commercial on TOC. Host/producer “The Wildl Life” national radio show. Credits in Detroit News, Woods-N-Water News, The Richmond Review, C&G Newspapers, Michigan Out-of-Doors, TNUSA. Great Lakes editor, Host, writer, producer and creator of “American Family Outdoors” television show. Specializing in conservation education, environmental literacy policy, bow hunting and Great Lakes issues. (Patrick) Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by John Beath.
  • Quade, Philip, 3344 Boulton Road NW, Calgary, AB T2L1M4. (H) 403-993-7082, Recording engineer/musician from Calgary. Currently enrolled at the North American School of Outdoor Writing to pursue his passion for the outdoors and turn it into a career. Applying for Student Membership; sponsored by Roger Brunt.
  • Schroeder, Ashley, 425 Rollins Street, Apt. B, Missoula, MT 59801. (H) 406-240-5041, (W) 406-728-7434, (F) 406-728-7445, Publications editor, Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA). As a freelance designer, Schroeder focuses on Web and print design, with projects ranging from publication redesign to Web site customization ( Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Kevin Rhoades.
  • Schwaller, Jacob R., Box J89, 7500 University Drive, Bismarck, ND 58504. (H) 406-465-8978, English student at the University of Mary (Bismarck, ND). Avid outdoorsman; native of Helena, Mont. Applying for Student Membership; sponsored by Nancy Kleingartner, University of Mary.
  • Straw, Matthew K., 315 Bluff Ave., Brainerd, MN 56401. (H) 218-828-8136, (W) 218-828-8136, Achelor of Arts degree in English literature/communications from the University of Michigan. Five years as a reporter for Advance Newspapers; five years as a freelance outdoor writer; 20 years as senior-editor of In-Fisherman Magazine. Currently a field editor of In-Fisherman. Applying for Active Membership; sponsored by Tony Dolle.

New Supporting Groups, Agencies and Businesses

  • Jamark Laboratories, 4477 E. Paris Avenue SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512-5312. Contact: Jim Kaiser, President. (Toll Free) 888-252-6275,, Surgeon’s Skin Secret (beeswax moisturizer) was developed in 1950 by a plastic surgeon that used it to treat post surgical wounds. The product kept the wound from infecting and also helped reduce scarring. Surgeon’s Skin Secret is an all-natural beeswax moisturizer that contains lanolin and mineral oil. This revitalizing formula softens dry, chapped and irritated skin. Among its many extra benefits are: non-water solubility (won’t wash off easily), seals in the body’s natural moisture and it’s long-lasting formula. Jamark Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Jim Kaiser (president and co- founder) in order to bring time-tested formulas back to the market place. Jamark Laboratories is a family owned and operated company.
  • National Archery in the Schools Program, c/o Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, No. 1 Sportsman’s Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601. Contact: Tom Bennett. (W) 502-594-9575, The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is a joint venture between state departments of education and wildlife. Several archery equipment manufacturers and organizations are also partners. The program promotes student education, physical education and participation in the life long sport of archery. The program’s focus is to provide international style target archery training in physical education classes grades 4-12.

Credentials Reviews

The following members have successfully passed the review of their member credentials:

  • Jim Lynch

Deceased Members

  • Richard Bowles
  • E. Warren Garretson
  • Jerry O’Bryant, passed away October 2009


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