April 2011

This month’s issue of OU…

Outdoors Unlimited April 2011



8 Character Sketch: Tom Wharton
by Hannah J. Ryan

9Citizen journalists in OWAA
by Peter Schroeder

12Road trip marketing
by Tim Christie

13Seven deadly sins of a writer
by Mary J. Nickum

14Close the gap
by Kris Millgate
16Liven up your writing: Listen to local voices
by Dan Small

Also in this month’s issue:

4 … President’s message
6 … From the executive director’s desk
7… Former OWAA President Mike Levy dies
10 … 2011 conference promo
11 … Goldenrod: Your creative shock collar
16 … Business: A show is born
18 … Departments
22 … Portfolio
And more!

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