American Waterfowler

Published bimonthly: March/April, June/July, August, September, October, November/December, American Waterfowler answers the call for a dedicated duck and goose hunting magazine to lead fowlers into the new era, while carrying on the rich traditions gained in a century of American waterfowling. Because the magazine is targeted to experienced waterfowlers, writer’s works should demonstrate an understanding of all aspects of waterfowling. Waterfowlers travel extensively to hunt and although they have an interest in guided hunts, they gravitate toward opportunities on public lands. Readers are always looking for good stories of hunts, as well as the stories within the stories that reveal relationships, memorable characters as well as rapport with working retrievers. Features should be between 1,700 and 2,200 words. Sidebars are welcome. Shorter fiction with style is also welcome. Reviewing a copy of the magazine is suggested and it can be found at most major booksellers newsstands. Short Hunt Book pieces covering “Places That Matter” (important waterfowl hunting epicenters, etc.), “Lore and Tradition” (people, places and artifacts of historical importance, etc.) and “Things That Matter” (obits about notable waterfowlers, a decoy of historical significance, a vintage gun etc.) should run about 750 words. Research pieces for “Survey Says” are welcome but contact editor for guidelines. The magazine publishes quality photography and artwork and is always open to seeing new work. Before submitting, please contact Editor Jay Michael Strangis,, for writer and photographer’s guidelines.

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