American Trapper

Outdoor Market - writingAmerican Trapper is the voice of the National Trappers Association as well as an informative magazine for trappers in general. They currently produce five issues a year.
Practically any topic that is “trapping” qualifies – the equipment, preparation, sets, furbearers, line management, animal damage control and fur handling. The magazine is currently not seeking calling articles. Queries are recommended.
The magazine uses both long feature articles and shorts. It is recommended that most articles be in the 1,000-word to 2,500-word range. Shorts, of course will be 250 to 1,000 words. Payment varies highly depending upon length, photo support, uniqueness and so on. Top pay is $175 approximately two weeks after publication.
Electronic submission is preferred.
Please note that the magazine has no article inventory to speak of at this time. American Trapper is in an acquisition mode!

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