Adventures NW

A magazine featuring outdoor activities from Seattle to Vancouver.

Features articles on any Pacific Northwest outdoor activities and adventure are welcome, but the magazine generally focuses on the Cascades to the San Juan Islands, and north of Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia — especially Whatcom, Skagit, Island and San Juan counties. Personal narratives, area descriptions, environmental/conservation issues, wildlife exposés, historical anecdotes, profiles of local and national outdoor personalities are all open. Length is usually in the range of 800-2,000 words. Adventures NW generally compensates for articles at 5-11 cents per word, dependent on the type of article, tenure of writer with Adventures NW, the amount of editing required, the final word-count published, and the amount of advertising support in each issue. Photos are usually expected to come from the writer with the article submission, and are paid on a scale of $10-$150 dependent on final print size, quality, and ad support. Please send a detailed query by the deadline relevant to the issue you think your story would be most fitting to For detailed submission guidelines, visit

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