Adventure Kayak, the Kayak Touring Magazine

Tri-annual magazine accepts article, photo and multimedia submissions.

This tri-annual magazine celebrates all the adventures of kayak touring, from a tour through the local bay to an arctic expedition to all the diversity in between. Adventure Kayak’s content has an international scope. Readers range from beginners to experts paddlers who share the desire to learn, explore and experience the paddling world. This publication’s content ranges from news trends, gear reviews, travel essays, fiction shorts, a Kayaker’s Journal and feature stories. Contributors are paid a pre-negotiated rate of up to 20 cents per word depending on length, content and quality. Adventure Kayak expects first North American print rights. Submission guidelines require e-mailing an attachment of the submission and a 25-word biography in a Word or RTF document. All queries and submissions should be sent to Multimedia submissions are best submitted via snail mail as well-labeled CDs or DVDs. Please note submissions will not be returned unless potential contributors include a necessary prepaid return shipping container. Photos should be high resolution, standard JPEG, TIFF or DNG formats. Video should be MP4, MOV or FLV format preferably 720p, 640×480. For more detailed guideline information e-mail the editor for a PDF copy; the updated version will soon be on the website (

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