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Kelsey Dayton off on new adventures

MISSOULA, Mont. – It is with mixed emotions that we announce long-time Outdoors Unlimited editor Kelsey Dayton is leaving OWAA for a big career change. Kelsey is departing OWAA to attend University of Montana School of Law to work in other ways for the outdoors that she shared every two months in the pages of OU.

“One of the best decisions I made as executive director was hiring Kelsey,” say former OWAA executive director Tom Sadler. “One need look no further than the quality of OU and her the rapport with members to see how much value Kelsey brought to the organization. Her time at OWAA made us better.”

Under Kelsey’s direction, OU has further strengthened its role as one of OWAA’s most valued member services. OU has thrived under her work, while she contributed to the OWAA in many other ways.

“Kelsey brought an amazing exuberance and energy not just to Outdoors Unlimited, but to many other facets of OWAA,” current OWAA board president Paul Queneau says. “She used her freelancer’s creativity to help generate newsy and appealing ideas for conference sessions, many of which she later moderated. She’ll be sorely missed on many fronts, and I’ll be forever thankful for all she’s brought to this organization.”

Kelsey was a welcoming and smiling face that greeted many new and old members to our annual conferences. Her five years of service to the OWAA transcended the typical tenure at a small non-profit like ours. She provided organizational stability and institutional knowledge that was invaluable.

“Kelsey made my first 18 months at the OWAA much less stressful than it could have been,” says current executive director Brandon D. Shuler. “She ran a tight ship with our communications and the production of OU that allowed me to focus on learning the ropes of the organization. I will miss her great attitude and her hard work.”

With Kelsey’s departure, the OWAA loses a huge asset and a part of our family, but she has a bright and vibrant mind that will serve her legal studies well and bodes a very successful and remarkable career ahead.

The OWAA family wishes Kelsey well and the best of luck into her bright future.

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