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Why Recruit for OWAA

As an OWAA member you are part of a guild of outdoor communicators. We are the keepers of the flame and the standard bearers for what is good and right within our craft.

OWAA members are the voices that show the world the grandeur of America’s outdoor resources. They are the voices that share the stories — good and bad — of our waters, woods and wildlife.

Outdoor journalists play a critical role in helping the American people see the value in the great outdoors. Land, water and wildlife don’t have human voices, so OWAA members act as their voice to reach the American people. The need for those voices is more critical than ever as species lose habitat due to development, wildfires rage hotter and elected officials look to sell our heritage to the highest bidder.

I am asking for your help. We need more voices to join our ranks.

To help you, Tom Keer, one of our board members, designed a recruitment brochure that beautifully explains why joining OWAA as an outdoor communicator makes sense. You can download a copy for your use at:

I am sure you know one or two others who would benefit from being an OWAA member like you. Please share this brochure with them and invite them to join you as the recognized voice for the outdoors.

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