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OWAA Quick Response Team

One of the benefits of OWAA membership that is commonly mentioned is “networking”. Here is an excellent example of how that works.

Hi Tom-

I discovered a new OWAA member benefit late last night. The OWAA Quick Response Team. (OWAAQRT)

Let me explain:
I’m working on a story for Field and Stream and I need to verify a WI hunting rule. WI is way out of my ID neck of the woods so I don’t have solid sources there and what I found online, I didn’t trust. I contacted fellow OWAA members Dan Small and Paul Smith and they both replied within 10 minutes and it was way after usual working hours. They shared sources and facts with me. I haven’t seen Paul since TN and Dan since probably NY. Both helped me, no questions asked, even at night. We have our own internal quick response team across the country and for that I am grateful.

Kris Millgate
Tight Line Media

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