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OWAA Board of Directors to meet Sept. 3 and 6

OWAA’s Board of Directors will meet for its annual summer meeting on Monday, Sept. 3 and again on Thursday, Sept. 6, in conjunction with the 2012 annual conference at Chena Hot Springs Resort, outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.

In an effort to increase the transparency of the Board’s work, the agenda for the upcoming meeting has been posted for informational purposes. You can submit comments regarding the topics to be discussed in the comment section below. Minutes from the summer meetings will be published in an upcoming issue of Outdoors Unlimited.

AGENDA – Sept. 3, 2012
Mark Taylor presiding on behalf of Mike Walker, president.


  • Call to order
  • Roll call
  • Receive motion to excuse any absentees
  • Approval of actions by Executive Committee since February board meetings

Information Item:  Actions taken by the full Board of Directors since February meetings

  • Revised membership criteria (March 28)
  • Revised Board Nominating Procedure (May 22)
  • Vote to cancel Goldenrod Writing Workshop (June 18)

Approval of February meeting minutes

Officer Report

  • President’s Report (Other officers will report with committees)

Headquarters Report

  • Executive Director’s Report

Standing Committee Reports

  • Awards
  • Board Nominating
  • Conference Program
  • Contests (Excellence in Craft)
  • Craft Improvement
  • Development
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Membership
  • National Affairs & Environment
  • Norm Strung Youth Writing
  • Officer Nominating
  • Past Presidents
  • Sections
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology

Ad Hoc Committee Reports

  • Digital Media Journalist Recruitment Committee
  • Diversity Committee
  • Membership Criteria Review

Old Business

  • Fundraising Strategy – Update

New Business

  • Endowment Trustees Report
  • Goldenrod Writing Workshop
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Officer Nominating Committee Amendment (remove Third Vice President from language)
  • Officers’ election – Second Vice President (candidate statements)
  • Nominate/secret vote – Board Member of the Year

Good of the Order

AGENDA – Sept. 6, 2012

Mark Taylor, president, presiding


  • Call to order
  • Roll call
  • Receive motion to excuse any absentees

Board Migration

  • Welcome new directors and newly elected second vice president
  • Election of new president: Bill Graham nominates Mark Taylor and moves that nominations cease and Taylor be elected by acclamation
  • Exchange of gavel: Mark Taylor takes over as president
  • Election of new first vice president: New second vice president nominates Bill Graham and moves that nominations cease and Graham be elected by acclamation
  • Election of New Life Member
  • Thank you to Mike Walker
Old Business
New Business
  • Approval of committee members (Board Nominating Committee and Finance Committee)
  • Winter Board meeting planning

Good of the Order


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