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OWAA Board of Directors to meet at Annual Conference in Salt Lake City

OWAA’s Board of Directors will meet for its summer meetings on July 8 and July 11 in conjunction with the organization’s annual conference. The 2011 Annual Conference is scheduled for July 9-11 at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“We need to practice better transparency as an organization. I’m asking our Executive Director to publish our board meeting agenda on OWAA’s website at least seven days prior to the Board meeting, earlier if possible. Our membership should know what topics we plan to discuss,” President Tony Dolle said.

Minutes from the meetings will be published September issue of Outdoors Unlimited.

Board Meeting No. 1 Agenda
Salt Lake City, Utah
Friday, July 8, 2011
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tony Dolle, President, presiding

  • Call to Order (Tony Dolle)
  • Roll Call (Katie McKalip)
  • Receive motion to excuse any absentees
  • Approval of actions by Executive Committee since January board meetings
  • Approval of January meeting minutes
  • President’s Report
  • Executive Director’s Report

Standing Committee Reports

  • Awards
  • Board Nominating
  • Conference Program
  • Contests
  • Craft Improvement
  • Development
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Finance
  • National Affairs & Environment
  • Norm Strung Youth Writing
  • Officer Nominating
  • Past Presidents
  • Sections
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology

Ad Hoc Committee Reports

  • Excellence in Craft Contest Rules Revision Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Member Recruitment & Reinstatement
  • Mentor Committee
  • Blogger/Internet Category Working Group – Membership Criteria Review

Old Business

  • Goldenrod Writing Workshop Committee
  • Youth Writing Workshop Update
  • Supporting Group/Member Classification
  • OWAA Student Chapters Update
  • Condo Sale Update

New Business

  • OU – Print versus Online
  • Approve new endowment trustee
  • Officers’ election
  • Nominate/secret vote – Board Member of the Year
  • Proposed Bylaws Amendment – Endowment Trustees
  • Copyright/Trademark Usage of Outdoors Unlimited
  • Endowment Trust Report
  • Letters from our Members to the Board
  • Comp Registration for Members Speaking at Conference
  • Fee for Use on Public Lands
  • Minority Member Recruitment
  • Letter of Support – North American Wildlife Museum

Good of the Order

Board Meeting No. 2 Agenda
Salt Lake City, Utah
Monday, July 11, 2011
2 – 5 p.m.

Tony Dolle & Mike Walker, President, presiding

  • Call to Order (Tony Dolle)
  • Roll Call (Katie McKalip)
  • Receive motion to excuse any absentees
  • Welcome new directors
  • Election of new president
  • Exchange of gavel (Mike Walker takes over as president)
  • Election of new first vice president
  • Election of new second vice president
  • Election of New Life Member
  • Thank you to Tony Dolle (Walker)

Old Business

  • Any remaining issues from July 8 Board meeting.
  • New Excellence in Craft Rules – Vote to approve

New Business

  • Approval of committee members (Board Nominating, Finance Committees)
  • Announce Board Member of the Year

Good of the Order

OWAA is The Voice of the Outdoors®. The Outdoor Writers Association of America is the oldest and largest association of professional outdoor communicators in the United States. It was organized in 1927 by members of the Izaak Walton League of America and includes professional communicators dedicated to sharing the outdoor experience. OWAA’s professionals include writers, photographers, outdoors radio- and television-show hosts, book authors, videographers, lecturers and artists. The association is headquartered in Missoula, Mont. For more information, contact Robin Giner, executive director, Outdoor Writers Association of America, 615 Oak St., Ste. 201, Missoula, Mont. 59801; 406-728-7434,;

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