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Rochester conference program chair seeks your input for 2010 conference programming

Dear OWAA Members:

We are planning a session for the 2010 Rochester, Minn., conference dealing with publishing and/or self-publishing books. If you have written a book and worked with a publisher or self-published, would you drop me an e-mail? I am looking for input on how to best go about getting a book produced. I need to hear from you as soon as possible. I am not asking you to be on a panel, just to give me some information that I can do some research on, or rather some lucky person on the conference committee will get to do research on! Also, if there are any lousy publishers out there, let me know them as well so I do not waste my time on them.

Our goal is to make this year’s conference exceptionally meaningful for all members, and in particular, the freelancer who is being hit hardest or those who have lost their jobs due to cut backs and want to become independent in their business model.

Also, if there is a Web site or book you have found to be of great benefit on this topic, please share it as well.

My email is If you want to call, my phone is 602-569-0340.

Thanks very much.

Mike Walker

The buck-stops-here conference program chair

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