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Bill Graham

Picture of Bill Graham“I joined OWAA because I’d long admired the newspaper and magazine writers in my home state of Missouri, and because I’d been a lifelong reader of Outdoor Life. I noticed there were bylines on those articles and began looking for them and wondering about who those men and women were … Joining OWAA was a step to becoming one of them … I’ve enjoyed a career in daily newspapers with some magazine freelancing and photo sales sprinkled in. I now work as a media specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation, a job that requires the broad range of skills found in the outdoor communication craft.”

— Bill Graham, Past President, member since 1985

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Ron Giudice, Blue Heron Communications

Logo of Blue Heron Communications“Blue Heron Communications’ … reasons maintaining our membership each year is the same as it was for joining in 1991. We want to support the professional organizations and philosophies of the outdoor journalist, our audience. And OWAA and its members have provided us with a great network of friendships, colleagues and marketing associates. Our support and continued membership is an influence with our clients as well, ensuring the membership of OWAA that we all want to make sure outdoor journalists have the tools necessary to relate to their audiences needs and desires.”

—Ron Giudice, Principal, Blue Heron Communications, supporting group since 1991

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Tom Wharton

Picture of Tom Wharton“OWAA has the clout to provide access to major newsmakers in the world of outdoors at our conferences, giving writers access to many different sides of important issues. Whether you are a newspaper or magazine writer or a photographer, conference craft improvement sessions will help you further your career. And our Outdoors Unlimited publication provides numerous tips for any outdoor communicator including information for freelancers on what publications are buying.”

— Tom Wharton, Salt Lake Tribune and OWAA Past President

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Tom Huggler

Picture of Tom Huggler“I cannot imagine any outdoor communicator who wants to improve his craft, expand his markets, and develop life-long networking contacts not becoming an OWAA member. For more than 30 years, OWAA has done more for my career and business bottom line than any other influence. Writing is a lonely business and my OWAA friendships alone have brought immeasurable wealth.”

— Tom Huggler, fulltime freelance writer and OWAA Past President

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Tim Christie

Picture of Tim Christie“Three things have enabled me to be successful: A strong work ethic, being blessed with some talent and abilities in writing and photography, and joining OWAA.”

— Tim Christie/, member since 1985

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Glenn Sapir

Picture of Glenn Sapir“The annual membership directory is an indispensable volume in my library. The monthly newsletter has kept me abreast of the outdoor writing industry, dispensed valuable information and has provided me a communications vehicle through which I not only learned, but also had the opportunity to communicate. Those opportunities to make myself known, in print, at conference and in board meetings, have given me an exposure that no other resource could have provided.”

— Glenn Sapir, The Range Report and OWAA Past President

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Lisa Ballard

Picture of Lisa (Densmore) Ballard“I was initially attracted to OWAA for the workshops at an OWAA conference. A long-time writer and television producer, I needed to add photography to my repertoire but didn’t have the time or resources for a formal course. I got the expert pointers I needed from some of the top outdoor photographers in the country. Now I give workshops but I still gain a tremendous amount from my membership in OWAA … ”

— Lisa (Densmore) Ballard, Emmy-award winning television producer, member since 2003

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Barclay Kruse, National Sports Center

NSC logo“The OWAA has been a valuable resource for us to make contact with outdoor media in the Upper Midwest to promote the outdoor-oriented events that we host on our campus. We do three consumer outdoor shows each year, so we depend on the outdoor media in Minnesota and Wisconsin heavily to promote and cover our events.”

— Barclay Kruse, National Sports Center

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