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2011 Madson Fellowship Recipients

Congratulations William Funk of Stauton, VA. and Julie Ann Morley of Santa Cruz, CA.

Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) has selected William Funk and Julie Ann Morley as co-recipients of OWAA’s 2011 John Madson Fellowship. The fellowship is an annual grant program that funds continuing education opportunities for OWAA members. Each award recipient will receive $1,200 for reimbursable expenses for attending a professional seminar of his choosing — virtually any opportunity to enhance communications skills.

William H. Funk began freelancing in 2005 in the areas of conservation, wildlife, environment. He is a licensed attorney and deals with conservation easements.  William is a sincere and lifelong hunter/fisherman as well as a dedicated environmentalist looking to expand his conservation message into major print markets as well as through documentary filmmaking. He is an enthusiastic hiker, paddler, and birder. William has spent years working for non-profits and state and federal governments to preserve the dwindling wildlife habitat and native ecosystems in the face of ongoing land conversion. He was published by Virginia Wildlife magazine for his article on the conservation status and natural history of black bears in the state. He is also published in numerous regional and national magazines.

Julie Ann Morley is an outdoor enthusiast and professional writer from the great state of California. Her first novel Cole Creek is being released this upcoming month which marks her transition to full-time writer as a profession. She has been developing the platform: Personal Evolution through Outdoor Experience to describe the premise of her current novel in progress, Pacheco Falls. Her goal is to expand into writing back country related freelance pieces and to continue to speak about the value of experiencing the outside environment.

Both Madson Fellowship recipients have elected to attend OWAA’s Goldenrod Writing Workshop, a weeklong writing colloquium to be held at The University of Montana in Missoula, Mont., July 31- August 6, 2011. The workshop is in a casual setting with hands-on learning from peer groups and veteran instructors. The curriculum includes assignments, discussions, readings and shared critiques along with time for writing and socializing with others who share a passion for outdoor writing.

OWAA’s John Madson Fellowship is funded through the John Madson Fellowship Fund, an endowment that thrives primarily through OWAA member contributions and fundraising efforts. Its goal is to enhance professional communication skills for OWAA members. The fellowship program is designed to honor the legacy of John Madson, one of OWAA’s most talented, respected and honored legends.

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