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October/November 2015

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5 … As print goes digital, journalists adaptby Brent Frazee

6 … Photographing fish: Tips for in front of the lens  — by Matthew Copeland

7 …  Photographing fish: Tips for behind the lens — by Steven Brutger

8 … Smart phone apps to get you there and back— by Paul Queneau

9 … The art of the interview — by Tom Keer

10 … Writing reviews readers can use — by John Riutta

11 … Selling products by telling stories — by Jess McGlothlin

19 … OWAA legends: Spencer E. Turner — by Jim Low

Also in this month’s issue:

4 … President’s message
12 … Bookshelf
14 … Conference preview
16 … Portfolio
21 … EIC contest rules
26 … Supporter spotlights

And more!

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