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January 2011

This month’s issue of OU…



6Character Sketch: Lucinda Shroeder
by Jesseca Whalen

11 … Conservation corner: The case for copper
by Paul Hansen

12 … Membership drive, Strength in numbers
by Mark Taylor


21How to be a better videographer
by Lisa Densmore

22 … Video editing 101, Part one
by Paul Queneau

23 … Commentary: Old ways still ring true
by Brent Frazee

25 … Defending the small independent publisher
by Mary Nickum

Also in this month’s issue:

4 … From the executive director’s desk
5 … President’s message
7… Product Review
8 … 2011 Conference Preview
9 … Conference registration form
14 … Individual Member benefits
14 … Supporting Group benefits
16 … Outdoors Unlimited editorial guidelines
18 … Departments
26 … Portfolio

And more!

One Response to January 2011

  1. Ben Hobbins January 17, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    A Case for Copper is a great article.
    Science-based analysis is what counts so that we all do what is right. If an ammunition mfr, I would go full bore on full metal jackets around a lead core. This would stop the fragmentation that threatens all animals, us included. No brainer it seems. I can share this approach…it is what we always wanted…better, safe products for us all and more effective in nearly everyway. Many of you know that what I have developed -the nearly indestructible IronClads soft baits and related technologies that were designed to stop soft plastic lure waste in the environment and from ingestion by our fisheries that stunt and die from conventionals and pheromone-laced plastics that are designed for lasting effect, but rip and tear offs…and future ingestion by fisheries that stunts and kills fish according to recent study in 2009 by the NAJFM. At times, it is correct to just do the right thing, to ally together as mfrs and make what is conservation-minded, and coming from our industry and not from legislation. Wins for all, wildlife of all kinds. Popular Science loved my conservatin-based IronClads invention with fishing’s first Pop Sci Top 10 award, and Outdoor Life, who awarded the technology its coveted ”Outdoor Life 25″ award, supported by so many of you and whom I thank from my heart for your support for the technology.

    Respectfully submitted to my colleagues and OWAA and the world over, Ben Hobbins

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