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Accounting for Writers
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference features OWAA member and CPA John Allen. If you make money as a freelance writer, you need to know the difference between an allowable expense and an unallowable expense in the eyes of the IRS. The session will cover common expenses that freelance writers are able to deduct, the best way to track your income and expenses and how to organize everything when it comes time to file your taxes.

Book Publishing: Many Choices, Finding the Right Fit
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference is put together by Friesens Corporation. From traditional publishing to self-publishing to specialty publishing, evaluating all your options to publish your work can be a daunting task. Hear from publishers and experienced authors to help you understand the options and explain the process of taking your manuscript from idea to finished product.

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Microsoft Excel But Were Afraid to Ask!
In this video from the 2016 OWAA conference, spend 45 minutes wallowing in spreadsheet heaven with former Excel author/instructor and current Microsoft Dennis Pollett. Dennis will cover myriad features, tips and topics for anyone using Excel at any experience level. Topics include formulas and data analysis. Questions welcome during the session.

Fire Borrowing
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference features representatives from the U.S. Forest Service and the Western Governors’ Association. In 1995, the U.S. Forest Service devoted 16 percent of its annual budget to fighting wildfires. Today it’s almost half – and often that is barely enough, forcing the agency into a practice known as fire borrowing where funds are pulled from unrelated accounts to shore up firefighting efforts. The consequences include a $5.5 billion maintenance backlog; cuts to habitat and fisheries programs; and an inability to remove dead and diseased trees and undergrowth that become hazardous fuels for the next big wildlife.

Invasive Species & Wildlife Diseases
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference includes representatives from the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, Trout Unlimited and USGS. There are an estimated 50,000 non-native plant and animal species in the United States. Cheatgrass, salt cedar, spruce aphid and introduced trout species are major concerns in the Rocky Mountain region. Elsewhere, it’s everything from Asian carp to zebra mussels. Couple that with avian influenza, chronic wasting disease and rabies, and the cost to combat or even contain invasive species and wildlife diseases becomes astronomical.

Keynote – Tim Cahill
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference features keynote speaker Tim Cahill. Cahill is a founding editor of Outside magazine. His published work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Outside, Field & Stream, Esquire, The New York Times Book Review, National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler and many other publications. Cahill has won numerous awards, including the National Magazine Award and the Society of American Travel Writers’ Lowell Thomas Award. He is the author of nine books, one of which (“Jaguars Ripped My Flesh”) made National Geographic’s list of the “100 best adventure travel books ever written.” Cahill is the co-author of four IMAX documentaries, including “Everest” and “The Living Sea.” Two of these documentaries were nominated for Academy Awards. He also has been “writer in residence” at San Jose State University. Cahill, who has made his living writing for 45 years, lives in the shadows of the Crazy Mountains in Montana.

Leading Photo Safaris
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference features photographers Colleen Miniuk-Sperry and Tom Ulrich. Have camera, will travel? While leading photo trips can seem like the perfect plan to check off your own photo bucket list, don’t forget to factor in the responsibilities of travel planning and insurance and the nuances of international travel, marketing and more in addition to instructing. Even with the added responsibility, leading photo workshops or international trips can be a flexible, exciting and profitable way to make a living.

Mobile-friendly Websites and Apps for Magazines
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference includes panelists Ric Burnley of Kayak Angler and Russell Roe of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine. People are on their smartphones and tablets practically 24/7 these days, so if you cannot reach them there, it can be heard to reach them at all. But creating a mobile-friendly website or an app for your publication is more than just flipping a switch. Between evaluating vendors, evaluating return on investment and reformatting content, the task can seem daunting. Hear from other editors who have braved this transition or embraced this philosophy from the start.

New Ideas for Conservation Funding
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference follows up on the session “Are Traditional Conservation Funding Models Broken?” which posed the question. If the answer is “yes,” what happens next? This closing session will bring the topic full circle with an in-depth discussion of various proposals aimed at finding solutions that will sustain conservation into the future.

Outdoor Food Writing
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference features cookbook authors Susan Ebert and Hank Shaw. Locavores, foraging, farm-to-table, slow food. The movements within the food industry continue to increase crossover with the outdoor realm and the audience for game and foraging recipes is rapidly expanding beyond just traditional outdoor readers. Hear from two successful cookbook authors who have made a name for themselves combining their knowledge of cooking, hunting and fishing.

Parks & Wreck
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference includes representatives from the National Association of State Parks Directors, National Parks Conservation Association, Pew Charitable Trusts and Yellowstone National Park. As the National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2016, there’s a behind-the-scenes story that affects not only the park service but all four federal land management agencies – deferred maintenance. A report prepared last year for Congress estimates the combined deferred maintenance for the park service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Forest Service at somewhere between $16.3 and $21.4 billion. State park systems, collectively covering 18 million acres at more than 10,200 sites, face their own set of challenges. Roads, bridges, trails, buildings, dam and water systems are in need of repair. What’s being done to fix them?

Progress Through Partnerships
This video is from the 2016 OWAA conference. More and more, conservation advocates find it difficult if not impossible to go it alone. Partnerships have become critical to progress. Migratory Bird Joint Ventures, The Wildlife Society and the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative will discuss how collaborative efforts between governments, nongovernmental organizations and private interests achieve broader success if they acted alone.

Shoot from the Heart
This video is from the 2016 OWAA conference. Looking for photographic inspiration and to connect with your fellow OWAA photographers? Hear what a selection of OWAA shutterbugs are most passionate about right now as they share latest projects, new discoveries and exciting stories from their journeys in this fast-paced PechaKucha presentation-style event.

Social Media as a Reporting Tool
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference includes staffers from KULR-TV/Billings and the (Medford) Mail Tribune. From finding sources and story material to live-posting breaking events and polling followers, social media can be used for more than just reposting content and generating hits for reporters and news outlets. Find out more about how social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter can be used a as a tool on the job.

Sound Stories
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference features Yellowstone National Park’s Jennifer Jarrett. Start this session with deep listening and learn how to create a sense of place through sound. Perfect for anyone interested in multimedia production or those who want to bring the intimate feel of radio to their writing, this session will help you think like a podcaster by highlighting techniques in field recording, mixing and structuring sound-rich stories that can take people places they’ve never been.

Status Report: Are Traditional Conservation Funding Models Broken?
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference features representatives from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Montana Wildlife Federation, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and Outdoor Industry Association. The “user-pays” approach to funding fish, wildlife and public lands conservation is a familiar concept. But those models face increasing challenges – some that were never anticipated when funding programs were established decades ago. Are the traditional funding models broken? Can they be fixed? Should they be replaced? A blue-ribbon panel will explore current conservation funding models and set the stage for other newsmaker sessions that dig deeper into the challenges of protecting wildlife and public lands.

The Outdoor Essay: Writing It. Selling It.
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference addresses questions such as how should a writer develop an opinion so that it attracts readers? And before that, how does he sill it to an editor? Chris Madson, a veteran of many years of essay writing discusses the attraction of the essay as a form and the challenges involved in making essays pay.

Transfer of Public Lands
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference features representatives from the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, The Wilderness Society, Center for Western Priorities, Citizens for Balanced Use and PERC. Four major federal land management agencies oversee more than 605 million acres of public property that includes parks, forests, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas. The vast majority of these lands are in Western states, where a push is on to permit federal transfer of millions of acres to state governments. Can states do a better job as environmental stewards and managers of natural resources? What would be the potential economic benefits – or losses – if a transfer was to happen?

Trends and Opportunities in Outdoor Journalism
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference includes panelists Matt Copeland, Ed Kemmick, Kris Millgate and Brett Prettyman. With outlets and pay rates shrinking, it can seem impossible to make a living as an outdoor journalist or to get your important outdoor stories told. But join our panelists as they share the creative ways they have been able to monetize their content or get their projects funded. Also hear how journalism students are being prepared to face this new environment.

Urban Wildlife Conflicts
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference features panelists from USDA-APHIS, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the City of Helena, Montana. It’s one thing to see a coyote loping across a prairie or a white-tailed deer emerging from the woods. It’s quite different when they show up in your backyard. More and more, the interface between urban and wild settings is not only narrowing, but overlapping. Bears in the backyard, deer in the driveway, geese in the garden and many other wild animals roaming areas humans inhabit create a new dynamic for resource managers, local governments and citizens.

Writing for Brands/Content Marketing
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference includes speakers from Contently, Dangerous Cow Publishing and MERCURYcsc. Brands increasingly try to fashion a unique identity to connect not just with customers’ product needs but with their lifestyle. This creates a need for well-written copy and an opportunity for writers. Whether they need long-form essays or short blog posts, many brands are willing to pay higher than most magazines for quality content, but it may also come with unique requirements such as SEO techniques. Writers can work with brands directly or through content-marketing or public relations firms to tap into this growing market.

Writing for NGO and Agency Publications
This video from the 2016 OWAA conference features panelists Amy Bulger with Wyoming Wildlife and Ryck Lydecker representing BoatU.S. Off-newsstand publications can be a great addition to your freelance mix, often paying reasonable rates and reaching wide audiences. However, these publications may also have a very narrow focus or a very specific mission or trade to promote, so not all stories or publications will be a good match. Hear from editors and contributors for these various outlets for tips on breaking into or forming lasting relationships within this market.

Access for Journalists on Federal Public Lands
This video from the 2015 OWAA conference features OWAA past president Mark Freeman, Kevin Kilcullen with USFWS, Erin O’Connor with the Forest Service, April Slayton with NPS and Marci L. Todd with BLM. OWAA maintains that journalists should not have to apply for permits from their government to do their jobs and has opposed efforts to require permits. Balancing access with the need for stewardship of our public lands presents significant challenges for both journalists and the land managers. This panel, made up of representatives from the federal land management agencies, will explore the issues surrounding the requirement for permits for filming and photography on the federal public lands they manage and provide insight into ways to address these challenges.

Ask Your CVB
This video from the 2012 OWAA conference is valuable for any outdoor writer who travels beyond their backyard. Traveling for a story or have a destination story you would like to write about? Have you talked with the local CVB? If you haven’t, you should. Learn what resources are available from a convention and visitors bureau and why they can be a great contact for you.

ATV Use on Public Lands
This video from the 2015 OWAA conference features panelists Tim Brass, Bob Richards and Duane Taylor. Join us for a panel discussion of off-highway vehicle use on public lands – a contentious outdoor issue facing us today. Panelists include an OHV industry representative, a land conservation advocate and a public lands manager.

Basic Video Editing
In this video from the 2014 OWAA conference, explore Final Cut Pro software with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department television producer Karen Loke as she demonstrates how to cut together some basic edits for a video story.

**note: this video has some audio problems, including feedback**

Branding Yourself through Blogging
This video from the 2012 OWAA conference features Chris Hunt. Most folks don’t get rich blogging – those that do ought to run right out and buy a lottery ticket – but blogging can be an important piece to supplement the good work outdoor writers and photographers do all the time. Learn how blogging can help you develop a following, increase your name recognition and build a brand.

Building Your Brand
This video from the 2011 OWAA conference features speakers Michelle Scheuermann and Mark Taylor. Successful outdoors communicators must not only be skilled at writing, photography and other elements of the job, they must be able to market themselves and be comfortable being in the spotlight. Well-known pros in the field will discuss techniques for increasing your profile, and how that will increase your income.

Continuity and Change: The People of Alaska
This video from the 2012 OWAA conference features Dixie Alexander and Angela Linn. From the Aleutian Islands to the North Shore to the southeast pan handle, Alaska’s indigenous people and settlers alike have found a way to intimately connect with the animals, plants and other humans who occupy this vast and diverse landscape. In this seminar, we will present the myriad ways humans have adapted to life in the north, both in historic and contemporary times.

Diversity in the Outdoors
This video from the 2012 OWAA conference features John C. Robinson. As the U.S. population continues to diversify, minority involvement in environmental issues will become ever more vital to long-term conservation efforts and the preservation of the earth’s natural resources. John C. Robinson explores multiple reasons for the relative absence of minorities among bird watchers and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts, and then leads a discussion on how outdoor writers can tap the enormous potential they already have to attract inner city and minority youth and young adults to nature.

Drones and the Outdoors
This video from the 2015 OWAA conference features professional photography and videographer Jared Lloyd and aviation lawyer Nathan Haley of Shackelford Melton McKinley & Norton. From hunting to photography and video, drones could have a profound impact for outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor communicators, but is this emerging technology a useful tool or an invasion of privacy and a disruption to the outdoor experience? Join our team of panelists as they examine the pros and cons of this technology as it becomes increasingly available to the general public.

From Talking Heads to Storytellers
This video from the 2012 OWAA conference features Carol Lynde with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Learn how to improve your television show and videos by elevating your interview subjects from mere talking heads to story tellers.

Going Local: How and Why to Cover the Local Food Movement
This video from the 2011 OWAA conference features a panel discussion with keynote speaker Hank Shaw and local food blogger Jackson Landers. The local, sustainable food movement has begun probing into the worlds of hunting, fishing and gardening. How and why should outdoor communicators be covering this trend? And are state fish and wildlife agencies, as well as members of the fishing and hunting industry, paying enough attention to the movement? Or is this just a passing phase that warrants little attention?

How to Put Together a Book Tour – And Make Money Doing It!
This video from the 2015 OWAA conference features author Jennifer Pharr Davis. Jennifer and her husband planned and self-financed an 18-month, 50-state, 334-talk book tour to help market her latest book. Their experience resulted in incredible memories, valuable business contacts and financial gain. Learn their secrets to success as well as mistakes to avoid – and discover how YOU can see the country and make money on a book tour. **note: this video has some audio problems, including audio gaps**

How to Start your own TV Show
This video from the 2011 OWAA conference features a panel discussion with Michelle Scheuermann, Max Rowe and Dan Small. Many of the popular hunting and fishing television shows on the air today weren’t started with the backing of deep-pocketed investors. Instead, the shows were built by hard work from the ground up by individuals and small teams. Industry veterans will offer a frank and realistic look at what it takes to build a television show from an idea into a finished product with a regular time slot on a national network.

How to Talk to Camera: Getting Interviewed
This video from the 2011 OWAA conference features tips and tricks from Lisa Densmore. Everyone ends up in front of a television camera at some point in their career. Building upon the “How to Talk to Camera” session at the 2010 Rochester conference, this session will teach you consummate professional, both in your field and on-camera. Emmy-winning television host, Lisa Densmore, will cover all aspects of appearing on-camera whether giving an informative soundbite, announcing news, giving tips or co-hosting an entire show – in a studio and outdoors. You’ll learn where to look, what to do with your hands, what to wear and other on-camera basics as well as how to be sure your message gets on the air.

Keynote – Denali Unplugged: Discovering the Stories of a Wild Place
This keynote presentation from the 2012 OWAA conference features Paul Anderson who had been superintendent at Denali National Park & Preserve for the past 10 years. He strongly believes that protecting our national parks for future generations of Americans requires an informed and engaged public.

Keynote – Field Guide to American Values
This video from the 2015 OWAA conference is a segment from the keynote presentation by National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis.

Keynote – Hank Shaw
This video from the 2011 OWAA conference features keynote speaker Hank Shaw. A pro journalist with 20 years in the business, Shaw launched the popular Hunter Angler Gardener Cook blog in 2007, and has quickly established himself as one of preeminent voices of the honest food movement. His book Hunt, Gather, Cook is being released in May by Rodale Press. While catching, killing and gathering his food, writing about it, and exchanging ideas with his thousands of readers, Shaw has developed important insight into how the local, sustainable food movement has the potential to deeply affect the larger hunting and fishing communities, as well as the communicators who work in the industry.

Low-light Photography
In this video from the 2012 OWAA conference, learn tips and techniques for low-light photography from longtime Alaskan photographer Leroy Zimmerman, who has made a career out shooting the aurora borealis.

Money Talks and Talk Walks
This video from the 2012 OWAA conference features a discussion led by Peter St. James. Remember the movie “City Slickers” when Billy Crystal explains his job at the radio station, by saying, “I sell air”? That’s basically what they do … and most stations aren’t overly particular about what they fill that air time with. Depending on the size of the market that the station is in and the number of clients the salesperson has, their salary can range from a draw applied against sales to a straight commission of 20%. Bottom line is … they want sales. If there’s money on the table, trust me, you have their attention. No money … no attention. It doesn’t matter if you’re the state record holder of a B&C non-typical or the world record holder for brown trout. No money, no air time. Show the station some money and a formula for continued revenue and you will be their newest star and best friend!

Multimedia Maestros: Why It Pays to be Able to Do It All
This video from the 2011 OWAA conference features presentations from Kirk Deeter and Kris Millgate. Today’s most successful outdoor communicators need to be able to do it all, from writing for print and the Web, to shooting photos and videos. Successful pros such as Kirk Deeter, who is the editor of Angling Trade Magazine and also a blogger with Field and Stream’s Fly Talk, and Kris Millgate, full-time freelancer for television, newspapers, magazines and the internet, will discuss the techniques for taking your communication to the next level.

Outdoors? There’s an app for that
This video from the 2012 OWAA conference features Kim Grant from Sutro Media and Risa Wyatt. Tap into this new rapidly expanding market with the skills you already have. Hear from an OWAA member who has broken into this field as well as an acquisitions editor to learn how this new technology can work for you.

Partnering for the greater sage grouse
This video from the 2015 conference features Mark Salvo from Defenders of Wildlife, Kathleen Sgamma with Western Energy Alliance, NRCS chief Jason Weller and Jim Lyons of the Department of the Interior. Why is the sage grouse so important and what is being done to protect the iconic landscape it calls home? An unlikely collection of stakeholders have been working together to conserve the bird’s habitat across the West. At the same time he U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service faces a Sept. 30 deadline to decide whether the sage grouse should be added to the endangered species list.

Pebble Mine Panel
This video from the 2012 OWAA conference features Rick Halford and John Shively. To dig or not to dig? Hear comments from key stakeholders on both sides of the issue of excavating the Pebble mineral deposits in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska.

Self publish your books via print-on-demand services
This video from the 2012 OWAA conference features speaker Kevin Rhoades. You’re a book author and want to self-publish, but you’re not sure whether to hire print-on-demand services or offset. Print book and e-book specialist Kevin Rhoades will provide comparisons, discuss pros, cons and pricing, and will show authors how to affordably tap into databases that libraries and bookstores order from. This session will also illustrate how authors can build promotional presences on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the iBookstore. Session will conclude touching on advantages of publishing print books and e-books simultaneously.

Shoot from the Heart 2015
This video from the 2015 OWAA conference is for those looking for photographic inspiration from fellow OWAA photographers. Hear what a selection of OWAA shutterbugs are most passionate about right now as they share their latest projects, new discoveries and exciting stories from their journeys in this fast-paced PechaKucha presentation-style event.

Smart Technology and Apps for the Working Photojournalist
This video from the 2015 OWAA conference features photographer Earl Nottingham. The convergence of digital technologies has fostered numerous “smart” devices and apps that have become a two-edged sword for the outdoor communicator. While they can be extremely productive tools for the working journalist, their ease of use, quality and availability now open up a competitive era of “citizen” and “backpack” journalism.

The Bright Side of the “Dark Side”
All kidding aside, public relations remains an important element in the outdoors communication field. Longtime PR pro Jodi Stemler and newcomer to the field Bill Graham, now working in public affairs after a long newspaper career, will discuss how to become established and thrive in the PR world.

The Cartoon: A wry insight into the outdoor world
In this video from the 2012 OWAA conference, follow along with Bruce Cochran to see how cartoons are created, from idea to finished art.

Treating Outdoors Communication Like a Business
This video from the 2011 OWAA conference features speakers Wayne van Zwoll and John Beath. Professional writers will discuss the importance to treating your outdoors communication like a business, not simply a hobby. OWAA legal counsel Bill Powell will also be on hand to answer questions regarding legal issues and avoiding challenges with taxes and other aspects of the profession.

Your Name [Dot] Com
This video from the 2012 OWAA conference features Ashley Schroeder. Having a professional website that reflects your professional identity is your digital calling card. Your online presence should show who you are, your interests and background, and showcase your best professional work. With journalism shifting toward an era of the personal brand, rather than the institutional brand, all outdoors communicators need to consider who they are going to stand out as the expert in a knowledge-based economy.

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