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Welcome new members and supporters Feb. 21 – Mar. 5 2017

March 5, 2017 Association Update


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New Members

  • Lillian Browne, Catskills Unleashed, 302 Delaware St., Walton, NY 13856. (H) 607-435-9031,,, Editor and contributing outdoor writer of the Delaware County Guide, a tourism and travel magazine. New York State licensed guide and operates Catskills Unleashed, an outdoor guide business with a focus on hiking, fishing and paddling. Blogs at about her outdoor adventures highlighting many well-known, as well as many unknown outdoor attractions in the Catskills. Outdoor adventure writer with a focus on outdoor sports and farming for A Time and a Place, a monthly print magazine. Former editor and contributing writer for Catskill Country Magazine, a bi-annual tourist and travel magazine covering a five-county area that encompasses the western Catskill mountain region. Also served as the editor-in-chief of The Reporter, a weekly print and online newspaper, where she  introduced”Outdoor Life,” a section in which she authored most of the outdoor content that included, hunting, fishing and environmental stories. Skills: ELNOQVW; Subject Matter: ACEGLMORST; Sections: CMNPRV. Approved for Active membership; sponsored by Lisa Densmore Ballard.
  • Daniel Andre Majerus, 106 Edward Scott Rd., Mountain, ON K0E1S0 Canada. (H) 613-863-8647, Student, North American School of Outdoor Writing. Has worked in a variety of industries and is now working as a unionized construction worker. Used to write corporate procedures and policies as a self-employed management consultant. Also worked as a bear hunting outfitter in northern Ontario for 13 years. Approved for Student membership; sponsored by Roger M. Brunt.
  • Nick Walter, Arizona Game and Fish Department, 20838 N. 22nd Ln., Phoenix, AZ 85027. (H) 602-309-1589, (C) 602-309-1589, (W) 602-309-1589,,, Public information officer for Arizona Game & Fish Department with an emphasis on fishing promotions. State fishing report editor, columnist for Arizona Wildlife Views Magazine. Creator and editor, FishAZblog. Contributing freelance writer for My Grizzly tobacco. Skills: CEINOQRSVW; Subject Matter: ABCDFGIJKLMNOPQRST; Sections: C. Approved for Active membership; sponsored by David Majure.

Reinstated Members

  • Alberto Rey, (Active) 211 Chestnut St., Fredonia, NY 14063. (H) 716-679-7002, (W) 716-673-3530, (F) 716-673-4990, Full-time educator for over 17 years, has written and illustrated many articles over that time. (Janeil) Skills: ACILOW; Subject Matter: AGLMOPQRS.

New Supporting Groups, Agencies and Businesses


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