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Promote Your Work Through OWAA’s Social Media Weekly Features

As the Outdoor Writers Association of America celebrates its 90th birthday in 2017, we have established new ways to enable members to promote their work via OWAA’s social media channels. In doing so, we aim to:

  • Help our members feel valued and celebrated.
  • Encourage member communication throughout the year outside of conference.
  • Raise awareness for OWAA among the industry.
  • Have more fun!

We invite you to participate! Here are OWAA’s expanded weekly social media posts and how you can get involved with showcasing your work to members, supporting groups and the general public:

  • Member Spotlight Monday: Showcasing one member’s answers to 20 pre-defined questions and posted with a photo of them in the outdoors. To participate, email Colleen Miniuk-Sperry at for more details.
  • Titles on Tuesday: Featuring one published book and/or e-book by an OWAA author. Send a short book description (100 words or less), a link to where the public can purchase the book (e.g. your website) and a photo of the book cover sized for web-publication.
  • Workin’ It Wednesday: Highlighting TV segments, podcasts, radio shows or webcasts, magazine articles, blog post, etc. an OWAA member produced. Submit one link to your piece, a brief description or summary (100 words or less) and your role in the piece’s production.
  • Throwback Thursday: Celebrating the organization’s past with old photos from previous conferences or other OWAA-related events. Send up to three photos sized for web publication. Include a brief description, where the photo was taken, etc. and photo credit, if available.
  • Featured Photo Friday: Featuring one photograph by an OWAA photographer. Submit up to three photographs no larger than 10″ on any side at 100 dpi in sRGB format to Kelsey Dayton at Include a short caption that offers the title (if applicable), a brief description and where the photo was taken. Include your photo website or a link if it’s part of a bigger project (e.g. a book you worked on). If you wish, you may add your own watermark.

With the exception of Featured Photo Friday, please send your submissions (and any questions) to Colleen Miniuk-Sperry at

We cue people up in the pipeline based on when we receive their submissions. When we receive yours, we will let you know the date we have scheduled to feature you and your work so you can be on the lookout for it.

We look forward to sharing your outstanding work. Thanks for being a valued part of OWAA!

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